Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 7: The Warrior’s life

Towards the end, Musashi’s story gradually reaches its climax. In this episode we have seen clearly that the episode’s director gave 3 problems in this ep for the viewers. The first is about the lives of soldiers trapped on the battlefield for a long time, Yugra’s life as a spy and last but not least Jun’s problem (I mean there are only 4 episodes left, so it’s necessary time to develop this character lol). Although there are many things in this ep, but each part is allocated an effective time for each scene. However, to be fair, can only 4 episodes left of Musashi be able to fully convey the rest of the storyline?

Begin with this episode is the scene Arshem’s party arrives at a village but it’s actually Sidr’s warship that was wrecked in the desert along with the soldiers (even though that village is actually big enough inside to call it a city). With the desire to live alongside them and have the temperament of a true queen surely this army will be the necessary potential for Arshem’s war. However, the soldiers here also have their own problems, will Arshem be able to convince them with her strong will?

First of all are the soldiers here, who were born only to fight and if they lose that, they no longer know what their purpose in life is. This is the tragedy of the soldier’s life, not only in Musashi but all other fantasy, history or sci-fi works highlight this issue. And even in real life, there are long wars and the children are born caught up in war, they only know when they are born that the purpose of their life is to fight on the battlefield and nothing else, losing that is like losing yourself and the feeling of being alive. They are now lost people, can no longer keep themselves awake. The proof of that is when Bart shows Arshem the fight between two robots, it’s entertaining but it’s also toxic and violent but these soldiers need it, they need the excitement from the hormone dopamine to keep a little bit of their own sanity.

About the Ixia ship, maybe even Maya has her memories erased or maybe she doesn’t know anyone else from Solon other than Ana. The girl from a person in a harsh environment trying to live through day to a person who accepts death and doesn’t want to live anymore. But thanks to Yugra in her eyes, she once again yearned to live or at least still felt important to someone. Speaking of Yugra, He is really an alien chad. Although he doesn’t fully understand the cultures of earthlings, the spirit of a knight is probably the same everywhere. “A knight’s power is to be used to protect those whom he wants to protect”, this statement really shows what a chivalrous righteous spirit of a true knight is. Even though Yugra is the enemy, I must say he deserves the same respect as Craniamon in Digimon Savers.

Next is the battle scenes, I was quite surprised because this episode could clearly see the progress in every scenes. We can clearly see the shadows and reflections on each Rogue’s body, the 3D scenes are also less rough and match the exterior, the effects are also nice and not dazzling, especially the Kabuki function – Absolute zero frost, I think is quite nice and gorgeous. About the music, Hoshino Aoi’s Cosmic core song from ep 1 season 2 is once again played, if to compare the suitability with the context, this episode is much more suitable. Besides, there are also jokes that I suppose it as easter eggs for Mecha fans, like the one Takumi told Ryuugo about the drill arms are man’s romance or Ichidaiji talked about feeling missing when there was no explosion after the final blow. Seem like the characters speak for the fan’s hearts.

Overall, with 3 themes given, the episode has been divided and resolved appropriately, one gives more information to the viewer, the other gives the character development even up to the ed of this episode we also know more because why planet Sidr was destroyed and queen Laia has to do what has to be done as the leader of her people no matter how bad the decision is (I guess that robot is controlled by Adam). This week’s enemies are quite funny, although they look like moles and even their code name is “mogura” but personally I feel it is quite like a lobster but has a drill. Seems like Kiyoka make her move, oh boi the love war between childhood friends and the alien princess officially begins. In the next episode, it looks like Arshem is convincing the “the villagers” to follow her and also new characters and new robot will debut too. Stay tuned and let see what is coming up in next ep. 

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