Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 6: The New Normal

After 2 weeks break we got ep 5 and we keep waiting another week for ep 6 (for improve the quality of anime of course). Not only Megaton Musashi but also the gundam G-Witch got delay few ep too in this season. I guess broadcasting in the holiday season isn’t the best conditions for some.

Begin with this episode is the scene Margaret and the execs having a meeting to discuss about creating a new area for refugees from the Solon and its name is Tougoumon (now I really wonder how big this Ixia’s shelter is). At first sight of the town, my first impression of this place is that it has a style like the Asakusa district, Tokyo, a mixture of classic and modern style.

First of all of course, the people of Ixia and people of Solon have been brainwashed so they can live a normal life. Maybe the best thing for them is live a peaceful life without knowing the dangers that still exist out there. However, not everyone’s case is like Ryogo’s who has a fake family but their feelings for each other are real, especially the people from Solon, they used to live in harsh environment, they might have been brainwashed, but deep inside their heart maybe feel something not right sometime. Andddd some families with sick people like Maya and Ana will have problems. Maybe brainwashing in Ixia can replace family members and fake memories for the convenience of population control of the people there and isolating those who are sick for easy treatment. At this point, this device has a hole, it can’t distinguish who is registered and who is recently registered, which is understandable because the number of people in Solon is unknown and the attack in the last episode also makes this management more difficult.

This is an advantage for Yugra and Miysis to infiltrate but it seems that both of these aliens are quite bad at spying so maybe because of this, there will definitely be a change of side of these 2 characters in the storyline. The scene of having lunch together between 4 people Ana, Ryu, Yuu, Misa may be fake but the space in it is really warm, and also less cold than Dractor’s (these aliens react somehow really remind me to deculture and Zentradi of Macross series).

About Ichidaiji’s group, it seems that after he received his first kiss, he really realized that he has feelings for the alien princess (Don’t worry, Teru got your back now). And this guy now looks bored all the time and only thinks about his love lol. Moreover, the scene where Ichidaiji kissed Arshem was not only seen by Yugra but also by Nishino, whether there will be jealousy and Nishino becoming the hated character or have a fair fight with Arshem for Ichidaiji, though I’m pretty sure she’s confused and unsure of her feelings for Ichidaiji. The character that is perhaps the most developed in this ep is Teru, from a person who ran away from responsibility, fearing the consequences of her daughter’s existence, and lost because he did not have the Minami-san on his life to guide him, come to now accept his child and turn it into a chance to reach a better future for both species.

Overall, this ep is a good ep in terms of content, a good stepping stone to move on to the next phase of the story. The BGM is good especially the eating together scene, some animation scenes are still weird, due to the brushstrokes and motion stiffness especially the one involving Margaret. Kirishima seems to be stuck with her own problem but it may be resolved in the next, Victor seems like he finds a new good stuffs and will turn it into a useful weapon for his squad. Last but not least, finally the next episode we can watch right away this week without any delay yay.   

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