Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 5: Determination and Choice

After a 2-week break, as expected, Musashi is back and has made significant improvements this episode. And the story is getting more and more exciting than ever.

About the plot, this is probably the episode that I feel the smoothest up to now. If in the previous episode I mentioned the scenes of Milysis and Yugra interacting quite unnecessarily, each scene with the two of them in this episode becomes suitable and sufficient throughout the episode. in addition, the scene where Yugra transforms into a beastman is a scene that I appreciate, this alien transformation scene only appeared once in season 1 and this time it appeared again like remind viewers that “hey it’s an alien, it’s not like us at all”. in the next episode when both Milysis and Yugra infiltrate Ixia and meet the blonde orphan like in the opening, I’m sure that was the turning point of the character development of these two characters.

About the animation, like I said in the first ep this season, there are some problem about FPS and the camera shots, but in this episode I completely feel everything smooth without any problems at all. Especially the hand fight scene between Victor and Yugra to be so smooth and continuous as well as the angle where Victor uses his elbow after dodging Yugra’s kick is a big plus point. Looks like the 2 week break really worked and was a necessity for the series.

And the music, we have a new ost in this ep sung by princess Arshem herself “Sora yo, Ai wo tsuete”, a sad song that matches Yamato and Arshem’s temporary separation and the ending of the lyrics matches what arshem said to Yamato, the same meaning that they will meet again. Also, the scene where Yamato and Arshem meet is on fire and the sad song pops up is really emotional, 1 more plus point for this episode. Different from the first episode, in Yamato’s memory is losing his family in the sea of fire, in this episode it’s also fire background but Yamato no longer holds hatred but also has more determination and does what he can do. And also they KISSED! F*CK YEAH!

Overall, this week’s episode is really good, worth 2 week wait and the episode of season 2 most satisfied so far of mine (Musashi is back for the game baby). Victor is still cool, do his stuffs make his own choices and at the same time going with Arshem will give viewers more secure when next to the princess is a trusted guardian uncle like Sarzant in season 1. However, one thing I’m worried about is Adam and Eve, these are the characters mentioned from episode 1 season 2 and also appear in the opening but have not yet appeared again. Hope they won’t be forgotten and become redundant characters in the final episodes.   

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