Episode Review: Gundam: Witch from Mercury ep 7: The Most Ambitious Kick-Starter

Holy shit! Did my evil father just gave me 72 Gundbillion dollars?
Episode 7 is thought to be a refreshing breather after the whole ep 6 drama, with the teaser image showing Suletta in a dress, so it’s definitely prom night or something right? WRONG! G-Witch will never let you have a pure wholesome episode without setting up some turbulence in the future. Episode 7 marks a new era in Ad Astra, but in a way that we could never have imagined.

This episode is focused on the Benerit Group’s incubation party at the school, where companies in Benerit Group advertise their business ideas and gather investment, basically anime Shark Tank with hundreds of people participating. Of course, Suletta also go to the event in hopes of seeing Elan, and that’s where things go horribly, horribly wrong.

We got the confirmation that Elan-4 is “gone” gone. And that the real Elan Ceres will be replacing him temporarily. What I really found unnerving is that with all that thought about Elan-4, Suletta didn’t realize that the Elan standing in front of her is a different one. While their looks may be identical and the “real” Elan may be a Hollywood-grade actor, but their demeanor and the glint in their eyes are as different as they can be. After spending a day with Elan and even battling him and all that, not recognizing the “fake” (or in this case, true) Elan is very disappointing.

However, Elan’s issue is just the start of the trouble, but Suletta’s come way later. Lady Prospera got the first kill with her convo with Miorine. Such a manipulative and intimidating Char-clone that we got for this series. Prospera’s every words seems…pre-meditated that she always knew what she needed to say to rope someone into her plan. And of course, being a rebellious teen, Miorine walked right into her psychology trap. Also Prospera confirmed the timeline of the Vanadis attack, which is 21 years. And that led to another can of worms – that Suletta’s and Eri’s age don’t match up, which lend more credibility to one of those clone theories floating around.

Now to the main event of the “party”, the public trial and judgement of Suletta and the Aerial by Peil Technology. It’s clear that Peil – under Delling – is willing to throw the Pharact away if they can also took down Aerial – which might get them a favor with the man himself. Even though Peil’s evidence is shaky as best, Suletta’s still getting shaky and despite all the “unofficial” evidence that the Aerial has display, she still denies the Aerial being a Gundam. Aside from her social awkwardness, Suletta’s denseness is also remarkable that it might get a bit frustrating.

And then we get to the plot armor shark tank sequence. Miorine’s idea sound very grand and idealistic, but when you get down do the nitty gritty details, her plan is actually super risky and is very likely to crash and burn. But everything went exactly as Prospera “prophesized” (while being absent at the execution conveniently by the way), Miorine swallowed her childish pride and “used” her father’s influence to get what she want. Miorine doing so is surprising enough, but Delling giving her what she wants is even more unexpected, it seems that Delling has more to him than what he let on. Even the Grassleys’ president was suspecting something is afoot.

The final nail in the coffin is Prospera’s blatant admittance to Suletta that the Aerial is a Gundam. Woman just flat out unravel her daughter’s truth about her “family member” just like that, with one sentence. Prospera seems like the type that just “go with the flow”, but the flow is all but a line in her “master revenge plan”. This is building her up to be a massively scary villain and super hot at the same time.

And now, with GUND-ARM Inc established (and a new OP frame), we’re going to see some serious Gundam business in the school. Also, it’s clear that Grassley and Shaddiq is up to something, with him whispering in Nika’s ear about some sort of deal. Will this lead to even more drama, betrayal and bloodshed?

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