Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 15: A Happy Cliffhanger

The final episode of Megaton Musashi blitzkrieged us through a dozen plot threads – tying up many and present many new ones. However, since this is the finale of season 2, it’s unlikely that the new plot will be answered in a continuation. But we can hope to find out what heppen next in the upcoming international release of the game the anime adapted from: Megaton Musashi Wired. And of course, this episode give us another “Jesus Yamato” in mecha anime.

The Elzed goes on the offensive, whereas the united Sidr face off against them under their new queen Arshem. For the big bad antagonists that were setup at the beginning and featured in the Opening, their performance was, to say the least, underwhelming. They grandstanded for a bit, like all villains do, then get absolutely obliterated by Arshem and her new plot device: the Animus. The Elzed later discussed with their “master” that the Sidr race have evolved into something much greater and they can be a competition against the Elzed. This whole setup reminds me of Starcraft where savage xenomorphs and advanced psionic races are direct opposite but somehow represent the ultimate essence of form and essence, and that somehow humanity rose to become their equals. But still, this plot thread might not be resolved any time soon.

Later on, we see a seemingly cold-hearted Arshem broke down in her chambers. It’s a good moment of catharsis for her to release her pent up grief. Her cries expose her deepest desires behind her noble motivation. Uniting the two people to create a better world is ultimately for her happiness with Yamato. And we often see this sort of motivation in mecha, every noble intention always has a more personal reason behind it. And that’s perfectly okay, in a world where it’s mostly every man for himself, the only way you can follow through on such grand conviction, is that you have to have a personal stake in it. And Arshem’s personal reason was also noble and worthy of respect from everyone, which she did received from Sarzant’s brother.

And that’s about it for the conflicts! The human’s hands are stayed and clean in this matter. The crew of Ixion and Margaret’s followers basically got a happy ending. Everyone got back to their loved ones, especially Teru. Hopefully he won’t do some crazy sociopathic stuff like we saw with the android. But Mirai’s growth may have forced him to mature as well. However, there are some really, really forced relationship like Victor and that goth chick. Basically out of nowhere. Margaret and Kuze is probably the 2nd best couple in the series after Yamato and Arshem.

And then we come to the “foreseen” resurrection of Jesus Yamato no.2 – Yamato was released back to Earth due to the order of the Elzed’s superior. They wanted to see how the mingling of human and Sidr will turn out. Basically like the Xel-naga from Starcraft making the Protoss and Zerg and let them live in the same universe to create something more. It’s a very iffy development and really forced. But still, seeing the couple’s happiness is still worth it. Well, the headcanon is that they just retired to a cottage like the previous episode’s ending and live in peace – just like Gundam F91’s Seabook and Cecily. They fought with all they had and they deserve their peace.

Then we get a revelation that Mark Landers – a seemingly harmless scientist – was a member of a cult that spurred Dixenberg into his villainous way. And they basically pulled an Aldnoah.Zero / Gundam Age where the cult was shown to be of Terra origin, and now want to “take back their planet”. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing any of that as the series timeskip to a few years later without explaining anything. So what’s left of the story and the definitive conclusion to the saga is still up in the air (and possibly in Wired). However, the main characters that we are invested in all got their happy endings, so I guess we can call it a wrap.

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