Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 13: Mother’s Sacrifice

An explosive episode! Fight scene between Musashi X and Yoshitsune. The truth about Kojirou’s personality and of course the ultra best part about this episode is the BGM. Both the new BGM songs included in this episode are really good and give me goosebumps. However, it’s not because of those good points that this episode has no flaws. Let’s see what this episode has.

First, about Kojirou, i thought the personality that was born from the accident that year turned out to be DD’s brainwashing experiment on him, implanting a warrior personality but it turned into another personality of Kojirou disguised as his brother. So instead of Fubuki from Inazuma 11, Kojirou looks like Allelujah from Gundam 00. There’s a madman inside him that even contrasts with his outfit lol.

Regarding the character of Kuze, I have praise for his character as well as his character development. From an agent installed to save the people of Solon to becoming a pilot and successful flirting with the captain (very familiar scenario). If you have to compare it with Teru and other characters that came out from season 1, then maybe Kuze is a character that comes late but has good development and complete in a positive way (I’m pretty sure he won’t be the type of character that’s crazy for love like Teru).

In this volume perhaps the characters that lack the most development are probably the queen group, Demir and Tatekuma. The scene where the queen is sacrificed with her 2 entourage, I think it is quite awkward, the content of this scene is okay, the problem here is what details lead to this scene are completely ignored.

About the BGM of this ep, of course we can’t even mention the part where Kuze kissed Margaret san. I can even feel the sparkle in this Ost. It perfectly matches the tone of a romance anime or romance anime with a hi-tech context. It’s like instead of the male protagonist waiting for the heroine at the park to watch the stars together the two sleeping together and definitely the 18+ scenes that won’t be shown to the audience. In Musashi, Kuze and Margaret do the similar thing but in space. Unfortunately, the name of this BGM is not in the end credits, but if I have to score BGM about the love story in musashi, I personally like this song after Kono uchuu de kekkonshimasenka.

Then, The ending theme of this volume, Endless Way is performed by Yuki Sugiyama. As far as I know, she is an opera mezzo-soprano (I don’t know much about this area so there may be some mistakes). I was quite surprising when the producer of Musashi decided to invite an opera artist to perform the song for the series, although in the past there have been many anime series did it, but the number is not much or the ones from the 70s-80s. The song is full of energy and also sorrow, if you pay close attention, a part of this song often appears in the preview of the series. After a long time, we have heard the whole song.

This episode is a great episode, but if the studio make this anime last up to 30 episodes to fully exploit each character’s development line, it will be better in terms of the overall series. If more exploitation of the queen’s back story and also Kojirou’s back story, lasts about 1-2 more eps, the details of this episode 26 will be more reasonable. Unfortunately, it looks like the staff are just trying to finish the drama and rush the ending because there are only 2 eps left.

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