Series Recommendation: Uchuu no Kishi – Tekkaman Blade


Tatsunoko’s classic hero animes are favoured by many, and all of them have received remakes, including our space night Tekkaman. After the original air in the 80s, casanoko has decided to Reboot the stories with a whole new plot And style. Meanwhile Masami Obari has created a Homage To the originals under the name Detonator Orgun, and testinoco has seen the potential in his style, and they have asked for his cooperation in the new remake. Thus, the new Space Knight was born: Tekkaman Blade!

The Earth is under attack (as always), this time by the bug-like monster Radam. They invade Earth and convert Earth into their own planet. The Space Knights – an organization formed to protect the Earth – are seemingly hopeless against the alien threat and thought that they were the only ones out there fighting the alien. But then comes Takaya Aiba – once a normal human – he got captured by the Radam and is converted into Tekkaman Blade, an armoured hero with superhuman abilities. Blade broke free from the Radam and began fighting them. The Space Knights found Blade after he crash-landed on Earth, and a glimmer of hope finally appears. Is this humanity’s counterattack or the unveiling of Blade’s tragic past?

Plot: The anime has 49 episodes. And the storyline is almost completely different from the original. We see a higher focus on the characters and their overarching storyline. The way the story unfolds and reveals more about Blade’s past leaves a lasting impression on anyone who’s watched the series. We are also introduced to various enemies that are not aliens but are a plot device To ramp up the drama. This remake is much heavier and more tragic compared to the ’80s series.

Animation: The series has your classic 90s 2D animation that has aged well, mainly because the fight scenes are between small, organic beings, and the actions feel very smooth and fluid. There are many studios that did the animation, but the overall quality is good. The opening was done by none other than Masami Obari, With his most distinct style. During the series, there were some sequences that were not up to par with the rest. However, the animation quality was very good during key moments, which are the most important.

Mecha Design: Tekkaman Blade has an almost all-new design compared to the original. He still has the white overall colour scheme. However, there is no more yellow or blue, But just red. The overall suits are also much more mechanical rather than spandex-like, and the armour is much more similar to a medieval knight’s. And so he still retains the curvy proportion to signify he is still an organic being. Pegas companion is actually very close to the 80s design, with his blocky and round silhouette. In addition, we also have more Tekkaman suits that look pretty nice as well.

Music: One of the strong points of the series. The music is absolutely awesome. The OPs and EDs are very emotional and carry the powerful voice of Yumiko Kosaka. The first op “Reason” and the 2nd one “Eternal Loneliness” really captures the journey of the main characters Takaya Aiba – That he has been through an endless battle of pain and loss filled with violence. As the story goes along, the songs hit us harder with what Takaya has to fight through.

You can also get to hear one of the most awesome shouts of mecha! Toshiyuki Midorikawa broke 2 recording mics while voicing the series as Blade. His shout was so awesome and loud that it actually damaged recording equipment. How awesome is that?

+ Conclusion: Tekkaman Blade is unlike any other. The main story changed, And our D-boy Has a whole new appearance. Even so the essence of the space night is still there, with upgraded animation and an amazing soundtrack, Tekkaman Blade really stood out as an amazing tragic hero story. The emotional high of this series is much better than the original, which almost sets it apart from its predecessor.

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