Series Recommendation: Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX

Believe in justice and hold a determination to fist!

After two seasons of amazing music and action, the audience has got a feel for what type of franchise Symphogear is. If the formula isn’t broken, then there’s no need to change, but it would be better if we improve on the good things. And Symphogear GX is exactly that. The series present a harsher challenge for the girls, and in turn tighten their bonds as well. With new comrades but also new enemies, the Gear Users once again took the stage with the songs in their hearts.

Aired only two years after G, GX kept the flame burning for 13 episodes. The original team and studio were in charge and we get all the returning talents for the Gear Users. And we get another crucial character voiced by Inori Minase – another big player in the voice actor industry – just to add to the heavyweight cast that we already have.

+ Plot: After the events in G, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika joined S.O.N.G as field operatives while under custody along with the original Relic Users. Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris continue to combat the Noises when a new threat emerge: the Autoscorers led by the mysterious Alchemist Carol Malus Dienhelm. The team once again got pushed into a corner before Carol’s overwhelming power. But a secret new power found its way to the six songstress. And they have to risk their very lives in order to protect everyone and the world.

GX’s story is pretty much a variation of the first two seasons. The premise is set, the characters established, and new threats emerged. Along the story, our characters’ personality got developed and bits of their backstories revealed. Overall, it’s a variation of the original formula, tried and true to perfection. For a 90%-girl-anime, Symphogear has a lot of intensity and drama while having some heartwarming and cute moments. There’s a subplot in this season that will definitely surprise you and twist your heart at the same time.

+ Animation: The animation progresses slightly after each season. Basically every moves of the characters received a bit of a visual upgrade. Maria, Kirika and Shirabe got much more screen time this season and I must say, Mama Maria was very impressive. The combat was fast-paced, and getting grand and grander towards the end. The theme of the combat is alchemy – so there’s a lot of special effects thrown around and as previously shown, the attacks and armor evolve as the series progresses. And as always, they look gorgeous.

+ Mechanical Design: Characters design works are by Dan Yoshii-sensei, with mechanical design by Hiroyuki Taiga(a very experienced veteran) and Tomohiro Kawahara. The Gears have evolved throughout each season and the armors slightly changed to be more sophisticated with more color-separation. All the Gears have gotten new gimmicks which basically runs on Super Robot and Mahou Shoujo logic. And we get some new Gear too – the Airgetlam really shines in GX since it only get used just a tiiiiiiny bit at the end of G. Oh and those new Dainsleif modules? *chef’s kiss* those are amazing and is a nice and fresh contrast to what we’ve gotten before.

+ Music: Kinda self-explanatory. Tsubasa/Nana Mizuki continued to shine with her amazing energy with the OP, though this one didn’t feel as “deep” as the other, but it’s still a hype as hell. Maria, Kirika and Shirabe’s songs are also pretty good. Although Maria’s more inline with Tsubasa and Kaede in terms of vibes and Kirika and Shirabe carries a more “moe” feeling to their songs. And of course, Inori Minase also contributed some pretty amazing tunes. Overall, the OST of Symphogear has always been pitch-perfect and nothing to complain about.

+ Conclusion: Symphogear GX is a natural progress of the franchise. The staff saw the potential and run away with it. GX improved upon G in terms of its production value. The story is nothing too ground-breaking or neck-turning but it carries enough deviation from others that we can call it unique. Furthermore, the subplot actually matters and play into the main story which is very nice. All the painful drama makes the songs and the heartwarming moment hat much better. GX is definitely a cool watch if you’ve finished season 1 and G.

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