Series Recommendation: Gundam Build Divers – The Ultimate Fantasy

What’s Trans-Ams? Oh the insta-win button?

We’ve got 3 anime and one manga about using Gunpla in actual battles – with some very serious consequences to the model. But as the world was heading towards the Digital age, Gunpla Battle also did. So Bandai introduced the equivalent of VR Chat but with Gunpla battles: the Gunpla Battle Nexus Online. And that’s where the next step in the Build series – with Gunpla Build Divers as the start.

Gundam Build Divers – or GBD – follows Riku Mikami and his friends in the virtual world of GBN – where they enjoy exploring the artificial yet realistic worlds of “Gundam Battle”. Riku is an absolute novice at Gunpla building and Gunpla battle, but step-by-step, he finds his way in GBN with the help of his friends, several experienced players of GBN including the server’s champion, and an unlikely “companion”. However, GBN isn’t just all funs and roses, as there are very, very “real’ threats trying to mess with the game. And of course, Gunpla battle is the key to solving everything.

+ Plot: Divers feel very shounen for a Gundam series. It explores the joy of taking up something new – and become invested in it so much that it is all you think about – exactly like a video game. Its plot is quite convenient and lacking the usual Gundam depth – even for Build. However, it is a great story to introduce young audience about the Build series basically. The series doesn’t feature a lot of building or what’s Gundam is about: great characters including antagonists. Well, if you’re just looking to have some fun and watch interesting fights, this is a good series to start, seeing as it is also a prequel to a very good Build series later.
Animation: It’s pretty much standard Build series fights with more special gimmicks since it’s a Build series. There are a lot of beautifully animated sequence especially with the skilled fighters and when Riku activate his plot armor. The fights are well done, not too unique but it is above average. However, there is one fight in this series that is leaps and bounds above the rest – even rivaling the best fights in Build Fighter. You can tell they pull out all the stops for that one.

Mecha Design: The series that GBD focuses on is 00, Age and SEED. It also marks the first time IBO suits is featured in the series – since there was plenty of time after IBO aired. The main protag suit is based off of the Gundam 00, mixed with the Destiny from Seed – which is a potent combination in terms of design philosophy. Even so, it still isn’t as iconic as the Build Strike or original as the Build Burning. But on its own, the design can be called simplistic and modern. Of course there are various other designs which has their own uniqueness from various other Gundam series, and it has something for everyone.

Music: The first Build series to not feature a Back-On track, and the first anime series to feature a rap song, Build Divers music is a bit hit or miss, but it still carries the youthful energetic feel of the other Build series.

+ Conclusion: GBD is a pretty average series with some great visuals and nice designs. It’s not sophisticate but just enough fun to interest the young audience. If you want to introduce your kids or younger siblings to Gundam and want to start them up easy and light, then Build Divers is a pretty good series to pick.

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