Series Recommendation: Gundam Build Divers: ReRise – An Amazing Rise To Form

Everything is not what it seems…
including the world you thought was a game.

In 2019, after 4 Build animes which are – at the end of the day – just fun and games. Well, that ended when we got the 4th Build anime tv series: Build Divers Re:Rise. The latest Build decided to go full throttle in terms of characterization, plot development and animation as well. After 2 seasons, Re:Rise was regarded to be on par with the original Build Fighters with excellent reception.

While all 4 previous Build protagonists are relatively cheerful and baggage free, our main character Hiroto Kuga is another story. He is a lone wolf, and always carry a depressing aura with him. He doesn’t want to socialize and is a calculating and master strategist with great piloting skills. He’s basically a 180 of the usual Build protags which instantly turn the story into something unique and interesting. His journey actually started back in Build Divers and now he has to find it in himself to become the man he once was – all the while saving the “virtual” world of Eldora. Alongside his new comrades he met in GBN, Hiroto set out on a journey that changed not just his life, but also everyone else’s and how people view the Build series altogether.

+ Plot: Re:Rise is pretty much a reverse in terms of MC development compared to the previous series. Before, the MCs are either unskilled or are unfamiliar with Gunpla, and them meeting new people that help them further along their journey to find enjoyment in the hobby. Meanwhile Hiroto is the opposite with very high battle skill and a good head on his shoulder. He helped his teammates along on their missions, but what’s different is they help him in the his journey to rediscover himself again. Hiroto has closed off his heart – to everyone and to GBN. But during the series, he step-by-step found the light again and begin to let go of the tragic past. The side chars in Re:Rise also has great development compared to previous series, especially its direct prequel: Divers. Furthermore, the plot twist in Re:Rise is a first in the Build series and will no doubt catch you off-guard and spark a whole new discussion.
Animation: Re:Rise actually doesn’t have grandiose battles like in Re:Rise or TRY or even GBF, rather it has a sophisticated style much like the conventional Gundam series. Not a lot of crazy hack skills (there are, just not a lot), and the way they use the battles as foils for character development is a great way to kick the story along while showing some pretty good action. If TRY is the fantasy version of GBF, then Re:Rise is the grounded version of Divers. Furthermore, Re:Rise unique unit designs also has various transformation and combination scenes that surely will excite you. Of course since the mechanical director is Masami Obari – the patron saint of Super Robot himself.

Mecha Design: Re:Rise is something special in this regard. They cooked up a whole new Gundam with a whole new gimmick for the main character. The main Gundam – the Core Gundam – has the Armor Change gimmick not unlike Gundam Age’s Wear System. It’s also reminding us of SD Gundam that can transform into a “Real Type” style. All in all, the design of the main suit is very cool. We also get a gigantic MA unit in the main team – which is also another first. Turn A’s appreciation is always a good thing. The designs in Re:Rise feel less derivative from existing Gundam series and more of a realization of the builders’ imagination – which is always a good thing.

Music: No Back-On for this series either – but it’s actually a good thing. Re:Rise is so vastly different from the other Builds that having a new set of artists is nice. The first season’s OP are by Spira Spica which is the first time we get a female vocal OP. The song is cheerful with a hint of melancholy which suits the first season’s vibe…until the last episode. Season 2 open bombastically with Hatena by Penguin Research – a rock song that signals badass action is on the way with unwavering determination. The songs for Re:Rise fit the atmosphere of the series perfectly – which is great.

+ Conclusion: Re:Rise is a glorious return to form for the Build series after 2 tv animes that weren’t very up to par. A more conventional Gundam feel with really in-depth characterization is just what we need to cleanse our palate. Re:Rise rose above the typical Gunpla commercials and give a lot of thought to the story with some pretty meaningful messages in there. The mecha designs and production quality is also very nice, definitely a must-watch if you have finished Divers. Even if you haven’t watched Divers, you can still watch Re:Rise by itself but watching the Prequel first is definitely preferrable.

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