Kit Review: 30 Minutes Missions – Espossito BETA

30 Minutes Missions is the line that keeps on giving. After a few models, we’re finally getting a transformable unit similar to the Age-2 Gundam: the Espossitos. As usual, there are two models – Alpha and Beta. We’ll be looking at the Beta model in this post. While the Alpha looks quite different, the core unit is almost the same, as with other 30MM units.

30MM 1/144 – Espossitos Beta
Series: 30 Minute Mission
Price: 1,408 yen
Release date: Oct 2021

Design: If you’re familiar with the aesthetic of the 30MM, you can instantly see that this model is just following the base “looks” of the first unit – the Alto – with some alterations to accommodate a transforming feature. For that, the Espossito feature very long legs – definitely ver-Ka worthy, as well as thrusters-like detail on the knee. The head also looks more like a pilot helmet with more clear parts. The Beta variation has two shield-like attachment instead of the big one like the Alpha. This gives the Beta some more room for configuration. Although one thing I’d complain about the design is the feet looks horrible, like a tetris line block that was attached to a robot to act as feet.

Build quality: Pretty much the same as other 30MM and HG Gunpla. The build is simple and straightforward. Not many nubs to worry about. Although the runners aren’t as orderly as the Alto since there are many new parts, it’s easy enough to put the kit together in under 30 minutes, just barely though. If you want a perfect 30MM kit, you definitely need to put in at least an hour or so. Overall, it’s an entertaining experience.

Articulation: The Espossito uses the same structure as the Alto, except the torso, so the basic range of movement is the same with those (and pretty much other 30MM kits). The torso is of similar nature witht he Age-2 – where it can extend and flip upwards, so this unit can have a very good chest strut for some good charging poses. The most limiting parts are the feet, where the lower calves armor are actually in the way of the flat feet, so it’s very hard to balance it out on flat surface, and for an aerial-centric unit like this, I do recommend getting him onto a stand to maximize its potential.

– Gimmick: This 30MMunit is focused on waverider mode. The transformation of the kit is very similar to the Age-2 Gundam, with some differences on how the legs are folded in. The limbs aren’t locked in place, so it will take some fiddling around to get the mode right. The BETA version is akin to the Age-2 Double Bullet whereas the ALPHA is your traditional Age-2 Normal/Wing type. The shoulder transformation is also very unique and clever. With some customization, the unit will look incredible.

Accessories: The kit comes with the minimum basic of a base 30mm unit, which includes:

+ 2 x short gun
+ 2 x shield

Absolutely simple kit, not too different from Entry Grades and such. Which is not a surprise since other base 30mm kits usually comes with only 1 or 2 armaments.

Overall: A transforming 30MM kit is long overdue, and they finally gave us one. The transformation is simple enough but not too lazy like the Wing Gundam. Very affordable kit with high customizability.

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