Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury Episode 17 – Run And Lose One; Move Forward, And You Lose All

How should I say this…
I guess that we all have predicted this would happen, eventually.
We all knew, for Suletta to change, she need to be un-brainwashed.
For a “doll” to be a human, it must escape its threads.
It’s like, almost the whole world wants her to lose.
Not just for other characters, not just the people, not just her family, but, for her own as well.
She has to, no, she must lost a duel.
But to see it actually happened…is heart-wrenching.

Continued right at the end of episode 16, Miorine had no choice but to accept Prospera’s proposal, even if she probably had some thoughts about it. She can see clearly now that Prospera is a vengeful and manipulative woman that will stop at nothing to achieve her objectives, even if she has to use her own daughter as a tool. Either way, she jumped right into Prospera’s hands, the symbolism shown in the episode was simple, and straightforward, just like how it happened.

And the final words from Prospera at that moment, basically “tell” Miorine to go separate Aerial + Suletta and she will leave her out of the revenge crusade, are simply a cherry on the cake. We saw this with Shinn in Destiny, Four in Zeta, and who knows many more times. Do not trust anyone to do the right thing where the people involved is your loved one.

If one asked Suletta to drop Aerial, no way she will comply. Miorine actually confirmed this herself. So she had to get the job done. Not that she did not see the consequences of her decision, but when all the options available to you are horrible ones, the most probably one may be the “best” choice.

Suletta will see Miorine as the bad guy, may even have a grudge on her later, and make it even far easier for Prospera to control her, but if anything, that could make Suletta first start questioning Prospera, it is through a loss in a duel. And for that to happen, Miorine needs someone strong enough, to make the defeat of Suletta as “natural” as possible. But who has this kind of strength, and who can she trust?

Not Peil. They were the initial reason forced her to establish GUND-ARM Inc., and they are way too suspicious. Also, definitely not Grassley, not when their head is Shaddiq. In fact, Shaddiq was persuading Peil to join his cause to the chairman seat, as she was trying to find allies. 

So the only possible ally left is Jeturk. That seems to be the least worst option for her. Fortunately, she hit a great spot. Guel has now returned, and he is not the bad boy she knew before. He has changed into a better man, Suletta is one of his important person, and Jeturk company need a strong ally so that they can recover to their glory. Both have reasons to become each other allies, both have something in common to protect. A win-win situation.

It also notes one interesting thing between Guel and Miorine. They somehow reverse-paralleled each other at the same time. Miorine was once a realistic girl, she wanted to go to Earth so that she can escaped the chains that binding her. Now, she stay in space because of the chains she had made along the way, and now want to do something so that she doesn’t lose her precious ones, even if it is just an illusion.
Guel, on the other hand, he definitely didn’t want to come to Earth, was so deep in his power delusion, and want to get away from his father. But now, after everything he had gone through, including coming to Earth, he tried to preserve the bond that he once tried so hard to run away. Even if he played a part with Mioirine, that does not mean he did not realize what Miorine is trying to reach an illusion.

And so, the duel began. It is one of the fight that I feel so strange about it. One part I want Guel to win, he deserved it, it is his long-awaited redemption. On the other hand, Suletta will lose, and I dread it. I know it will happen eventually, even if she is still overwhelming Guel for most of the duel. But then, that execution happened, and everything fall apart in Suletta’s mind. The scenes where Guel got PTSD was also quite well done, as it actually shows that actual bloodshed take a toll on people. Something Gundam is known for but has long been lost. He will have a long way until he can stand firm on his own, but as always, a cornered animal is resilient, and a cornered lion? Well he will tear you to shreds.

Now that Suletta has lost both Aerial and Miorine, Guel took back his Holder title and his “rose bride”, Miorine has someone to back her up for the upcoming war for the chairman seat, what will happen next? I’m not sure, but considering the upcoming episode title, it will not be pretty. Suletta might be desperate and do something unthinkable, or she will completely broke down into pieces. And what will Prospera do with Project Quiet Zero now that her precious “Eri” has returned to her? It feels like the two concurring plotlines are running parallel with each other: a power struggle and a world-altering event. I wonder when these two will collide and bring the story to a climax.


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