Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 10: Fragile happiness

In this episode 10, although there are not any fight scenes, but in terms of content, storytelling formula, I will give it 10/10 points. In just a moment, it could be the final episode of a romance anime series. But unfortunately this is a mecha anime, and Onore Grieffas, if it weren’t this character and a bunch of unresolved issues, the second half of this episode could have been a happy ending for this series.

First, The main theme that can be clearly seen in this episode is the joy and value of being happy around the people who matter to you. Take the festival as a premise to increase the relationship between the earth people and the Dractors. Although this is not an easy thing when the two are enemies, just like in the past when war has taken many things from humanity, there are still unforgivable pains but continuing to kill It’s also pointless and needs to be stopped.

About the atmosphere of the festival in this volume, as everyone knows being a festival is supposed to be fun, and when it’s combined with a post-apocalyptic Mecha series like Musashi it enhances the value of the festival even more. Like Fafner, every time there’s something fun like a festival, it’s as if it’s FLAG right after. However, to say what’s climax in this episode is Arsheim who proposed to Yamato during the festival when it was just the two of them and the music was playing. If you guys are also fans of Romcom, you know how much this scene is breathtaking (Definitely better than the loser of Kanokari). Besides, if it is said that the brief moment between Yamato and Arsheim is the beauty of young love, the young father Teru wants to give Mirai as many experiences as possible (this baby is growing up so fast, she can sit in a stroller now and look like a 1-2 year old child, which means the time between each episode of Musashi must be very long) and for Victor and Momoka it is the value of living. All of these are part of a puzzle in a picture called the value of happiness in life.

As everyone knew, in this episode, there are no fighting scenes, however to make up for that shortcoming, this episode’s script and insert song did a great job. At this point, I think no one can deny that the music is the best part of this series, the script will have episodes of quick problem solving to keep up with the plot progress, the visuals still have some error and even the production team had to take a break to deal with this, the music is still consistently good. And that effort can’t go without Mana Kobayashi who performed the ending of Musashi from seasons 1 to 2, she even took on the opening in the game version and over the 23 episodes of the anime she performed a lot of insert songs and it deserves its own album.

Overall, This is a content-rich episode and will have a direct influence on the plot later. Potentially a sad end to Yamato’s love story and I think we all know because of Grieffas fault. He is like a stubborn simp and is willing to do anything to get the heroine (completely no different from the NTR story). There’s a high chance he’ll be betrayed and overthrown by Shinoag soon. The song Kono uchuu de kekkonshimasenka (Would you like to get married in this universe) by Mana Kobayashi is really good and I hope the full song will be public soon. There is no sign of Adam and Eve yet, we can completely believe that this is not the end of Musashi and there will be a sequel.

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