Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Vier – Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

A burning desire to protect those he cares for, Kouyou Kasugai take to the battlefield to save everyone. He was blessed by the Mir with an undying body along with his trusted Fafner unit: the Fafner Mark Vier. Kouyou and the Mark Vier always appear in Tatsumiyajima’s time of need – fulfilling his promise to save others with Kazuki.

I. History:
– The Mark Vier (Vier is “4” in German) is a first-generation Nothung-model. The unit is assigned to Kouyou Kasugai after the re-emergence of the Festum threat at Tatsumiyajima. Kasugai, along with Shoko Hazama, Sakura Kaname, Kenji Kondou and Mamoru Kodate joined Kazuki as the Island’s Fafner pilot team.

– During an Operation where the Mark Elf piloted by kazuki was away from the Island, Shoko Hazama and the Mark Sechs was lost in battle with the Festum. This sent Kouyou into an obsession with protecting people due to pain the grief. He always looks for a way to save people, as if to prove to Kazuki that he had failed to protect Shoko, and that Kouyou will not repeat his mistake. During an expedition to the 2nd Alvis, Kouyou was assimilated by the Festum. While his body was recovered, his mind was lost in the Festum world. The Mark Vier was also destroyed.

– Later on, Kouyou awakened as a complete Festum and fought to protect the island. During Heaven and Earth, Kouyou became a Core and returned in the Fafner Mark Vier that seemingly appear from nowhere with an empty cockpit. In Exodus, the Fafner Mark Vier returned once more in the Island’s time of need, saving the new generation pilots and fend off the Festum. Kouyou said that he will keep the promise to protect everyone.

– Kouyou continued to pilot the Mark Vier in The Beyond, further upgrading it into the Mark Vier Kai Abaddon. And as a Festum Core, he and his vessel (Fafner) stayed on Kurusu’s island. His existence has now transcended that of a normal human, and the Mark Vier as well. At the end of the series, Kouyou and the Mark Vier joined Kazuki to travel the world.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Vier (Vier is “4” in German) is a first-generation Nothung-model. It was put into active service along with Mark Drei after the Fafner attack that forced Mark Elf to sortie. The Mark Vier shares the same body-design with the Mark Acht – with 2 large module on both shoulders. The unit is roughly 40 meters-tall and has a brownish grey color scheme.

– The Mk Vier has the basic functions like other Fafner units: namely the ability to connect to the Siegfried System’s crossing, a 360 panorama cockpit and thought-control piloting through the Nibelung System. Other internal equipment include Razing Cutters and Mine Blade – although Kouyou never really used those armaments. The unit also has the ability to use Fenrir if necessary.

– For handheld armaments, the Mark Vier used the Gegnar in Dead Agressor to fight against small strain of Festum. It is a laser gun with moderate to low output that doesn’t deal effective damage to Sphix-type or higher. When Kouyou and Mark Vier return in Heaven and Earth, it was seen equipped with the Medusa – two high-output beam cannon that can deal massive damage to Festum. Finally, in Exodus, the unit used the Gundrake as its main armament. The Gundrake is a type of Gunblade that can act as both a slashing weapon as well as fire energy rounds. However, the Mk Vier uses the Gundrake in a unique way: covering the tip with a massive blade-shaped worm similar to what the Festum use. This Wormblade is several times longer than the Fafner itself and can adjust length and width as Kouyou will. After Exodus, the Mark Vier is frequently seen using both the Gundrake and the Medusa at the same time, moving extremely nimbly despite the heavy load.

– Kouyou and Mark Vier’s SDP (Super Dimensional Power) is Poison. His Wormblade, when come into contact with its target, will corrode the target and render the affected area harder to regenerate. This power is even effective on the most powerful type: the Azazels.

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