Episode Review: NieR:Automata Ver1.1A Episode 8

A step towards the truth
Our YoRHa android team go on an expedition to find out the truth about A2. But both took on a different path and obtained different results, and one of them is dangerously close to something that can alter their lives forever. Aside from that, we can see the pair enjoy frolicking in the wilderness just like two “normal” humans.

After the encounter with A2, 9S and 2B consulted Commander White for info and directive, and they both were told off and just focused on their main mission. Both 2B and 9S could see that Command was withholding information from them, but only 9S say it out loud. 2B – while most of the time she show that she’s as loyal as can be to YoRHa and wouldn’t think about going against orders, definitely ponder the implications by herself. Both to protect 9S, and also to figure this one out on her own.

The pair asked Lily about this “rogue” android. And of course from her flashback we already knew Lily was “Number 2” comrade. Lily obviously was surprise, but also a bit disappointed when A2 didn’t attempt contact after such a long time. And the fact that she has been going around destroying machine lifeforms while killing off pursuing androids baffles our cast as to her actual motive – but 9S had an inkling when A2 said “It’s Command that betrays you.”

Once again the pair went on an expedition, but this time it’s by themselves. No Jackass, no Pascal, no Lily, just nature – the ruins of humanity. 9S and 2B dipping themselves in the water was pretty symbolic. It is very similar to beach episodes but this time with an existential foil over it. Other series usually have “inhuman” entities such as cyborgs, androids and robots with AI interact with mother nature – birds, water, the sky, the wing – for them to feel the warmth of organic beings and the miracle of life.

We also see the extend of A-1 Studio’s talent here with gorgeous frames of 9S and 2B taking off their visors. 2B’s hair falling slightly when she take off her blindfold and her big eyes make her look like a normal human in their teens that just “open” their eyes for the first time in a long while. Taking in the scene without wearing the symbolic YoRHa’s equipment, 2B and 9S at the time were just themselves – not combat androids that fight eternally for human’s glory. It was a very great scene with the Lunar Tear flower as well, we got operator 6O to thank for her enthusiasm. It’s pretty neat to see the bridge bunnies equivalent to contribute to the fanservice.

And then we come to the crossroads – 2B found Jackass and 9S did his covert “operation”. Jackass is pretty much comic relief in this series but damn does she look sexy in that 2-pieces, definitely can’t judge a person’s body based on personality. 9S did confirmed his suspicion somewhat when he peeked in on Commander White’s meeting with the Council. And the series suddenly turn into a thriller horror when 9S ventured alone into a dark corridor. The two android has been separated physically for the first time in a while and some new actors are returning to the fray. Adam and Eve are making their moves, especially Adam and A2 too. We can expect some more exciting events in the next few eps we got left.

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