Mecha Profile: AHSMB Red Five – Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

Majestic Prince is a multi-media franchise about a team of teenagers piloting state-of-the-art giant robots with specialized roles to save humanity from an alien invasion. That sounds very much like a text-book Real Robot series like Gundam or some Tokusatsu like Super Sentai, pretty much because Majestic Prince is just that. A by-the-book coming of age journey of teens trying to figure out their paths and protect our species in the process. The protagonist of the series – Izuru – dream of becoming a hero that protect the weak, despite starting out as a sorta wuss himself. Through the journey, he has grown and mature into the protector he always wanted to be – along with his mecha – the Red Five (of course since he’s effectively the Red Senshi of the team).

I. History:
– Mankind has become a space-faring species by the year 2110, and the stars are the new frontier. To survive space, humanity has furthered genetic engineering technology, creating enhanced humans known as the Evolved Children. But space is a dangerous void, and when we came face-to-face with the gene hunters Wulgaru, humans were driven to the brink of defeat. The Wulgaru strength was overwhelming, and they are majorly a savage species that scour the universe for anything they want. To stand a chance against them, the only way is to use their own strength against them.

– Amongst the Wulgaru, there are individuals that do not with for their war-mongering ways. Especially Princess Teoria, who defected to the human side, giving them Wulgaru technology to fight back. Thanks to Teoria, we were able to construct giant combat robots called the AHSMB – Advanced High Standard Multipurpose Battle Device. Furthermore, Teoria and Commander Simon of the MJP project were revealed to have used their genes to create Izuru Hitachi – the pilot of the Red Five.

– Izuru then attended the MJP Project (Military Junior Pre-academy) to become a mecha pilot. However, his team was below average, lacking in teamwork and common sense. Team Rabbit was dead-last at the Academy. But one day they were chosen to pilot five cutting-edge AHSMBs and sent to the front line. Izuru was assigned the Red Five and named the leader of the team. Team Rabbits then proceeded to fight against the Wulgaru and achieved many victories, but they also suffer many setbacks.

– During the final battle at the Wulgaru Warp Gate, Izuru and the Red Five triumphed against Jiart – a Wulgaru general and prince. But the Red Five was completely totaled with only the core unit remained. Afterwards, it was rebuilt into the Red Five Plus with extra equipment and transforming ability.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The AHSMB-005 Red 5 is the 5th unit assigned to Team Rabbit. The unit stands 14-meter tall and has a red-and-white color scheme with blue and gold accent on the body. Its pilot is Team Rabbit’s dreamer – Izuru Hitachi. The Red Five’s position is Forward Leader in the formation. Each AHSMB has a humanoid core unit and a Jaeger suit – which act as a large armored exoskeleton to the core unit. The core unit is small and light-armored, and is not considered fit for combat. The frame can be launched from the carrier module and the core unit can “equip” while deployed.

– The Red Five was made with Wulgaru technology that Teoria supplied, most notably the inclusion of the JURIA System. The system allow the AHSMB to move according to the pilot’s survival instinct. During battle, if the pilot’s instinct is to run, the AHSMB won’t be able to fight and will choose to flee. But if the pilot is determined to fight and survive the battle, then the AHSMB will turn into fierce combat machine with a lot of potential. The stronger the will, the more “fluid” the unit move. If the pilot freeze during battle, the unit will also freeze and may lead to catastrophic results.

– Aside from the Juria System, the Red Five (and other AHSMBs) also have the capability for “Awakening”. The phenomenon activated when the Izuru unlocked his potential and awaken his burning fighting spirit. The Red Five’s inner frame will flip out, the unit gain an extra pair of optics, and the wings open up to release a blue particle. In this form, the Red Five’s performance is doubled, and the unit move much more in sync with Izuru’s thoughts. However, this put great strain on the unit’s joint integrity so it cannot maintain this form for long. For Red Five, it can go one extra stage beyond the normal Awakening, in the ultimate form, the blue particle form two gigantic wings on its back, and the wings can be freely manipulated and used during combat.

– The Red Five is an all-rounder vanguard unit that can use a variety of external weapons as well as internal. Such as:
1. Swordarm Counter: 2 sharp blades mounted on the fore-arm. The Swordarm Counter can flip forward for melee combat.

2. CIWS Vulcan: 6-Barrel CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) vulcan. 3 on each side. This weapon has a high fire-rate but low firepower.
3. Arm Shield: detachable arm shield that can generate 2 barrier to deflect attacks. Red Five has 2 mounted on each fore-arm.

4. Beam Cannon: standard beam rifle with 2 firing modes: Burst Mode and Single Mode with higher penetration power. They are enough to dispatch normal Wulgaru soldiers.

5. HEP Cannon: A multi-purpose handheld weapon that can be launched from the carrier module with many incorporated modes of attack, such as:
– Variable Speed Beam Rifle: the HEP Cannon’s standard function. An adjustable mid-range rapid-fire beam rifle.
– High Energy Beam Cannon: The upper barrel of the HEP Cannon can extend and release a powerful beam. This attack need some time to charge up.
– Chainsaw: 2 side barrels of the HEP cannon is lined with serrated chainsaw for close combat. During activation, the sawtooth will glow green.
– Micro Mine Launcher: stored on the side of the weapon are micro mines used to create diversion.
6. Multi Launcher: a ranged weapon that can be launched from the carrier module. Resembling a Gatling gun with four different barrels. The weapon may have different firing modes as well.
7. Heavy Machete: a large melee blade equipped on the unit especially during the Ceres War. It is capable of cutting through enemy’s armor like paper.
8. Longbow Cannon: 2 large beam cannons mounted on the shoulder of the Red Five. They are capable of firing a high firepower attack.

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