Mecha Profile: AHSMB Purple Two – Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

We always see big mecha battles with dozens of units charging into the fight, and end up getting flanked or hit by stray shot. Then we realize that on such a chaotic battlefield, information is crucial – which is why electronics warfare is also waged alongside the ballistic one. In a team full of specialists, obviously there has to be an IT-wiz that can gather, analyze and compile the incredible amount of data on the battlefield for the team. For team Rabbits aka Majestic Princes, the duty falls onto Kei Kugimiya shoulder and her AHSMB: The Purple Two.

I. History:
– After the war with the Wulgaru started (you can read about it here), the military has constructed AHSMB units based on Wulgaru technology that princess Teoria provided. Amongst the five units constructed, 2 of them have very unique appearances that doesn’t look humanoid at all compared to the other 3. They are Rose Three and Purple Two – and they were made that way because they both have very special roles in the team. For Purple Two and Kei, they are the battlefield Control Unit, tasked with gathering the insane amount of data and information, then distributed it to her team member in an efficient way

– Kei and the Purple Two mostly works in the background as an intel gathering and support unit out of the line of fire. However, as the conflict grew, Purple Two also joined the battle with new equipped weapons. Its most significant contribution is during the Granzere battle – where Kei devise a plan to finish off the enemy using the Rose Three and Gold Four’s hyper mega cannon.

– Kei was a reserved girl, and she has affection towards Izuru – the pilot of the Red Five. However, she was too shy to admit it to him, instead resorting to feeding him excessively with her cooking – which always have a sugar overdose. As time passed, she got braver and was able to show a bit of her feelings to Izuru.

– After the battle at the Wulgaru Warp Gate, another Wulgaru threat called Dioluna showed up. Team Rabbit head to Earth to intercepted him, but Blue One was destroyed. Luckily, Asagi survived and went on to board the prototype unit White Zero. But the White Zero is extremely unstable and poorly calibrated – so Purple Two has to helped Asagi with piloting the mecha. The insane amount of data that the White Zero has overwhelmed Kei, but she quickly awakened her potential and the Purple Two as well, causing it to transform and increase its processing power significantly. Kei then successfully guided Asagi on how to pilot the White Zero effectively, playing a big role in the victory.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The AHSMB-002 Purple Two is the 2nd unit assigned to Team Rabbit. The unit stands about 12-meter tall and has a purple color-scheme and gold accent on the body (of course). The Purple Two isn’t a humanoid unit, with only a head and main body and no limbs. Around the unit is a ring with beam emitter equipped. While stationary, the Purple Two needs support beam to stay upright, and during battle, it can float by itself. Its pilot is Kei Kugimiya – a shy but talented data analyst, but not a very sensible cook. The Purple Two position in the team is Control.

– The Purple Two was made with Wulgaru technology that Teoria supplied, most notably the inclusion of the JURIA System. The system dictates the mecha’s behaviour according to the pilot fighting instinct. However, for a Control Support unit like Purple Two, the Juria System doesn’t restrict the unit’s ability as heavily as the other combat type. Thanks to Kei also being quite calm on the battlefield most of the time, the Purple usually was able to complete its role successfully.

– All AHSMBs are capable of a phenomenon called “Genetic Awakening” which changes the appearance of the unit and unlock its full potential. Purple Two’s awakening turn the robot into a four-legged rabbit/fox-like robot and a halo appear on top of the unit’s ring. This mode boost the Purple Two’s processing capabilities significantly, allowing Kei to process and analyze a huge amount of data as well as calculating a way to calibrate White Zero’s output – which was extremely unstable. The White Zero supposedly has as much data as the original five unit combined, so processing that amount of data in a very short time span of a few minutes was very impressive.

– While initially strictly a data processing and distributing unit, as the war intensifies, Purple Two was equipped with ranged weapons to assist in any way it can:

1. Compound Light Particle Cannon: mounted on the ring around the unit, the weapon can fire beam projectiles at the enemy. Furthermore, it can convert into an energy delivering mode where it can supply energy to a receiving apparatus through a laser.

2. Rail Defender: two large beam cannons mounted on the ring. This weapon have higher firepower than the Compound Cannon and can easily dispatch a Wulgaru soldier with one shot.

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