Episode Review: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War ep 6

Finally some heat!
Finally, the plot is moving, a bit.
The action is there, while better than the last episode, still felt inferior to episode 2.
There are some scenes that definitely felt like the peak of this show, plot-wise and animation-wise, but I don’t think it could win back the fans that had dropped this series since episode 3 or 4.
That is it for the summary, now to the detail.

Following what happened at episode 5, we now see why the Empire side let the North Ambria’s spy team get into their territory. They want an excuse to invade North Ambria. Simple, clich√©, but it works, logically. Only if they let it happened sooner. But of course, the arrogant agent has to underestimate our protags so they can use a diversion against him. The chase wouldn’t be interesting if it ended in 5 minutes, so they drag it out to be the whole episode.

One part that I liked is that they finally shed the shadow which is that red-haired captain. His back story was surprisingly good, making his laidback attitude felt legit. If only they dropped some hints, some flash backs in the previous episodes, that would make the twist drop felt better. But I guess, for him to be the sacrificial lamb, will force the characters to develop, to change, especially Lavi.

On the other hand, the background politics actually is good though. The dialogues between the North Ambria generals and the Empire’s Govern General with Captain Claire felt deep and truly felt like some high-ups talking with each other. I would rather listen to them for hours in exchange for watching Lavi’s adventure. Welp, I guess one strong part from the original source still visible here.

And that is probably it for this episode. Now I wonder what will happen in the next episode since the captain has been captured. Will the war begins or another boring episode like in 3? I just hope that will not happen.

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