Mecha Profile: AHSMB Blue One – Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

In a team of special combatants, there must always be a leader; and behind that leader is his pillar of support. Team Rabbit’s heroic leader is Izuru Hitachi, and the person that always stand behind him and support him is Asagi Toshikazu. Despite having problems of his own, Asagi proved to be a great strategic leader on the battlefield, looking after the team while Izuru fight to his heart’s content. And his AHSMB is unironically the first stable multi-role unit: the Blue One.

I. History:
– After the war with the Wulgaru started (you can read about it here), the military has constructed AHSMB units based on Wulgaru technology that princess Teoria provided. Initially, five units were made and assigned to Team Rabbit – the worst performing squad at the MJP school. Blue One was one of the five units and was assigned to Asagi Toshikazu. He was the “cool” head of the team, being super cautious but having anxiety attack and stomachache during critical moments.

– However, he still fought alongside his team, after the Red Five’s pilot – Izuru Hitachi – gave a speech about his dream to become a hero. Asagi then collected himself and charged into his first battle, which ended in the Wulgaru’s retreat. Everyone was celebrating their win, while Asagi struggled with his nervousness as always. But after the first battle, he still continued to fight with Blue One.

– After many battles, Asagi and Izuru found out that they are actually half-brothers and their biological father is Commander Simon of the MJP and that Asagi is Izuru’s older half-brother. This inspired a new respect in Izuru for Asagi and he also felt more responsible. Izuru also named him the “leader” of the team – handling strategic decision and become the pillar of support so Izuru can freely take on Jiart – prince of the Wulgaru.

– During the final battle with the Wulgaru, he led the operation to plant a targeting tracker onto the enemy’s Warp Gate for our Straggler Cannon to fire at it. Despite his valiant effort, the enemy’s stronghold barrier proved to be too sturdy, and it took ramming the Star Rose into the Warp Gate to destroy it. Afterwards, Red Five also suffered extensive damage and was put out of commission, and Izuru fell into a coma. Asagi continued to be the squad leader then.

– After the event of the tv series, another Wulgaru threat remained, and Blue One and team Rabbit had to descend to Earth to fight the new threat. During the battle, Blue One managed to awaken and unlock the unit’s potential. However, it was promptly destroyed by Diolune. Asagi luckily survived the attack but the Blue One was completely decimated. It is unclear if the unit was rebuilt later.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The AHSMB-001 Blue One is the 1st unit assigned to Team Rabbit. The unit stands about 14-meter tall and has a blue color-scheme and gold accent on the body. Its pilot is Team Rabbit’s level-headed worrywart – Asagi Toshikazu. The Blue One is also an all-purpose combat mecha much like the Red Five. It’s position is Forward – meant to cover for Red Five when they are on the front line. Just like the other units, the Blue One also has a humanoid core unit and a frame armor.

– The Blue One was made with Wulgaru technology that Teoria supplied, most notably the inclusion of the JURIA System. The system allow the AHSMB to move according to the pilot’s survival instinct. During battle, if the pilot’s instinct is to run, the AHSMB won’t be able to fight and will choose to flee. But if the pilot is determined to fight and survive the battle, then the AHSMB will turn into fierce combat machine with a lot of potential. The stronger the will, the more “fluid” the unit move. If the pilot freeze during battle, the unit will also freeze and may lead to catastrophic results. For Asagi, he once felt so nervous during the sequence to equip the core unit with the frame that his core unit instinctively ran away from the frame, although he recovered later and successfully equipped the frame.

– Just like the Red Five, the Blue One also has the potential to awaken and unleash its full power. When awakened, the arm and leg coils unfold to release an orange aura – which is different from Red Five’s blue aura. The Blue One in this mode gain increased performance on all fronts: speed, power and accuracy. It also leaves an orange trail along its trajectory and even gained the ability to “run” on air.

– The Blue One also has a variety of weapons, while not as extensive as the Red Five, but it’s enough to get the job done:
1. Assault Katana: The Blue One’s primary melee weapon. The katana is extremely sharp and can cut through Wulgaru’s soldiers with ease.

2. Shoulder Impact Cannon: located on the shoulder armor of the Blue One. A panel flip up to reveal the weapon when needed. It is a rapid-fire low firepower weapon, usually used in conjunction with other weapons.
3. Gun Halberd: A scepter capable of firing beam projectiles. The tip can act as a halberd for stabbing and slashing attack. Stored on the back while not in use.
4. Eraser Beam Cannon: A high-powered weapon that can be launched from the carrier module. It is capable of unleashing a powerful beam attack in burst or in one single shot. One shot can pierce through multiple Wulgaru soldiers. The weapon can also strafe the beam like a blade.

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