Mecha Profile: Super Evangelion – Evangelion ANIMA

In a mecha series, upgrades are important, especially with main character’s unit. However, we all know Evangelion isn’t like most traditional mecha. The “upgrades” in Eva can be a little bit…unorthodox, which in the case of Shinji in ANIMA, it is extremely so. The Super Evangelion is Shinji’s next unit after his Eva-01 Type-F was destroyed, but how this unit came to be and what it can do, sounds straight out of a fairy tale.

I. History:
– When one of the Eva-0.0 series went rogue and attacked NERV Japan, Shinji and his Eva-01 Type-F intercepted it and was defeated in battle. Unit One ate a Gamma Ray Laser to the chest and Shinji was vaporized along with the Entry Plug. Eva-01’s core was also damaged and lost a portion of it. The Eva and its pilot were all but deceased, and its mass slowly turning into mush. But Unit One isn’t like any other Evangelions, it is the only unit that has absorbed a true S2 Engine into its core.

– NERV Japan has found out during their research of the S2 Engine that it is actually an interdimensional energy gateway, which allows for energy from a higher dimension to flow through to our material world, supplying the Eva with unlimited energy. That was also why the Angel seemed to be limitless. The Engine is acting as an organ – a heart – that is still supplying the unit with energy even after its “death”. Maya Ibuki – head of NERV Japan’s Research and Engineering Department – has devised a new device to keep the energy from going berserk, effectively killing Eva-01 and blowing up Nerv HQ. The Quantum Mirror – a device to “reflect” back the energy from the S2 Engine and stabilize the Eva – was attached to its chest.

– And furthermore, Shinji hasn’t completely died. His “soul” is still held in the Eva – just like that time in the tv series where he dissolve in LCL. Shinji – in his ephemeral dream – saw his mother bidding him goodbye. Yui Ikari – the soul that has been dwelling in Eva-01 – has now left and Shinji has taken her place. This is the only way to keep Shinji alive. And with this exchange of souls, the Evangelion once again return to live. A primal heartbeat reverberates throughout NERV Japan HQ, the Eva’s muscle and bone suddenly materialize again, with a harder, stronger frame and bigger, stronger muscle. A new Evangelion was born from the dormant corpse of Eva-01, and from within, Shinji emerged again.

– The new Evangelion was designated Super Evangelion, or Super Eva. Once again, Shinji held in his hand the strongest Evangelion in the world and continued his fight to protect his friends, the world, and humanity.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The Eva-01 was around 100-meter when it was defeated, and with the sudden growth of the revival, the Super Eva stands at an impressive 120-meter. Every stats of the Eva was enhanced, including strength, speed and endurance. The Eva grows so big that entirely new restraint armor has to be attached to it. But for some reason, Gendo and Ritsuko has already foreseen this and prepared experimental armor beforehand in secret.

– The Super Eva is now one with Shinji, in a two-body-one-heart style. The Eva reflects Shinji both mentally and physically. It moves as he will and feel the same emotion he does. Shinji has to practice controlling his “second self” to assure the Super Eva won’t mimic himself too much and endanger NERV Japan. Shinji can “activate” the Super Evangelion while it’s asleep. When he does, the visor that cover its eyes will open up, granting Shinji’s vision of what the Eva see as well.

– The Super Evangelion now draws its energy from the Centre Trigonus – the new core that fused with the S2 Engine – which receive unlimited interdimensional energy. The “heart” is located in the Eva’s chest – and also act as Shinji’s heart – as he does not have one. Shinji’s chest is a hollow black space that is connected to the Centre Trigonus. This means that the Eva can draw tremendous power, much more than any other units, but controlling it is a difficult task.

– The A.T Field power of Shinji and his new Eva is also improved in ways that nobody can imagine. The Super Eva can wrap itself in an A.T Field that runs along the contour of its body – which is utterly impossible for other pilots, as the A.T Field needs to warp with every move the Eva make. With the Super Eva full-body A.T Field, it is protected from almost every non-A.T-Field-piercing weapons as well as increase its striking power significantly.

– The Super Eva has the privilege of equipping NERV Japan’s cutting-edge armaments:

1. The Field Piercer twin swords Kesara and Basara: A new weapon utilizing the latest A.T Field manipulation technology. The twin swords come with sheaths that can “tune” the swords to a specific A.T band. This means that the Eva only need to strike the enemy’s A.T Field once, then resheath the swords to tune them, and when it’s done, the swords can cut through that enemy’s A.T Field like butter. If the swords strike a new target with a different A.T Field, they need to be retuned.

2. Neyarl Guided Artillery Cannon: formally named the EXW-038E Neyarl Guided Artillery Cannon, it was classified as a “Positron Cannon” on paper by Maya, but it actually harvest the energy from the Centre Trigonus instead. The absurd power from the Eva’s “heart” can unleash a projectile that is faster than light and tear through everything like a micro-blackhole. The stress of one-shot is so great that the barrel broke down only after one shot. And the shot caused distort the space around it and destroy Super Eva’s electronics system, even with proper shielding.

3. Vertex Flight System: On the lower back of the Super Evangelion is the new Vertex Wings – which works by creating variable air density through an A.T Field that allows the Eva to float and maneuver through the air. This is an advance A.T Field deflection technology that isn’t possible with any other Evas, except only Super Eva with its powerful A.T Field. The wings defy all known physics and is extremely difficult to control.

4. 2x Progressive Knife: Store on the weapon rack on the Super Eva’s arm rail, these two Prog Knives are larger than the one we saw in the TV series, almost resemble a machete in shape.

III. Gallery:

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