Mecha Match-up #2: Dancouga Nova vs Godannar

Super vs Super is almost always an undecidable fight, since both sides usually has a plot-armor trigger that allow them to overcome even the most perilous of situation. And if those two Super Robots go up against each other, that plot armor will be the key to decide the victor. Of course for really high-discrepancy match such as Ideon vs Voltes V for example, one side is just too OP for the other. So we’ll only pick the ones that are similar in abilities and plot armor across the board to try to have a “fair” duel. And this time, we are looking at the ultimate combination of God and Beast – Dancouga Nova – against the ultimate combination of God and Soul – Godannar.
Juusou Kikou Dancouga Nova vs Shinkon Gattai Godannar Twin Drive
This time we are putting both feet on the ground. Both mechas are ground-based Super Robot with similar height and weight class. Despite being Supers, they do not have unlimited energy nor operation time, so we feel this is a compatible match-up. Not too skewed to one side, with pros and cons to each. They are heavyweight that like to use their fist and duke it out in close combat, but also have some limited ranged options as well, which will definitely be decided by the tenacity and endurance of the pilot. Note: we will be using the 2nd season combination for the strongest version of Godannar.

Dancouga Nova
  • Made up of four components, this combiner is absurdly strong. With different pilots able to handle different functions of the mech, a good team will be able to coordinate together and bring out the unit’s maximum strength. However, if the head – Nova Eagle – is knocked out of the formation, the unit won’t be able to move.

  • Dancouga Nova is a very durable unit, and is very focused on melee combat. One of its punch can decimate another robot or a tank. The Super Robot can also launch its fore-arms to perform rocket punches. The detached fist will be able to return to the unit, but in the mean time, it will also be vulnerable.

  • In terms of armaments, Dancouga Nova has 2 main weapons: the Dankuuken and DankuuHou. The Dankuuken is an extremely sharp broadsword that can cut anything in the show in half. It also has boosters on its feet to help it charge at the target at extremely high speed. The Dankuuhou Formation is a special attack by using all available guns and cannons on the robot to perform a devastating energy shot. The Nova needs to be stabilized by support stakes from its feet – locking it in place.

  • However, Dancouga Nova has a power-up mode called the Beast Mode that makes the entire mech turn golden and give the machine beast-like properties from the component machine like claws and elephant’s tusks.
Godannar Twin Drive
  • A passionate union between two robots: Godannar and Go-Okusaer. The pilot of the Godannar will handle the movement and combat while the pilot of the Go-Okusaer will perform support action. If the two pilots aren’t in synced, the combination will fail, but if they are, their output will be incredible.

  • Godannar is almost entirely melee oriented, with a focus on wrestling/MMA move. Depends on the pilot, it might be able to pull off other martial arts. The Super Robot also has a “flaming” ponytail that it can wreath its fist in to perform blazing offense and defense maneuvers. It is also extremely agile and can perform really high jumps.
  • Godannar doesn’t typically use any weapons as it is entirely CQC-based. However, it has some special attack such as the Heartbeaker – which is a revolver punch at point-blank range that can render its target immobile by using a special “bullet”. The other one – Fire Soul Breaker – is a high-altitude kick that can pierce through giant monsters with ease. There are other attacks that draw inspiration from wrestling moves that once hit, can do devastating damage.

  • In this match-up, we won’t be taking into account the berserker virus that turn male pilots into crazed madmen. While that undoubtedly boost their aggressive power, it clouded their judgement and will lead to their demise.

So, How will this play out? The 35-meter Beast Combiner and 39-meter Flaming Fighter will most likely duke it out on the ground. With Godannar trying to close-in as fast as possible while evading Nova’s series of cannons, guns and rocket punches. It is most likely that Nova will fire its ranged weapons separately to conserve energy, as 2 Dankuuhous is about the limit of the unit. Godannar will use its maneuverability to swerve into arms-length and deliver the Heartbreaker. Godannar’s Counter Knuckle can also be used to defend against melee and ranged attacks. It will most likely turn into an all-out slug-fest where sparks will fly between colliding fists.

Dancouga’s arsenal is a larger threat to Godannar, as it can attack from far away, while Godannar has to close-in to deal meaningful damage. However, Dancouga’s weakness is its operational time. The unit quickly loses power if more powerful attacks are used and the cockpit heat up to the point of damaging the pilots. So it is definitely in Nova’s best interest to finish things quickly from a distance. However, Godannar isn’t just a hulking slow mech that will drag its feet. The fiery martial artist is fully capable of jumping, dodging and dashing through the battlefield. And if it can get into Heartbreaker range and land a shot, a Fire Soul Breaker will undoubtedly end the match. You can imagine this match like a boxing match between outboxer and in-fighter.

A duel-to-the-end between two hulking giants. One will try to approach and the other trying to finish the fight before it goes on too long. Who will you think will deliver the final blow? Will it be the combination of God and Beast’s blade that will slash through to victory or the sacred union between God and Soul that will punch it way to triumph? A hard question to answer, but an interesting one indeed.

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