Mecha Profile: Megaton-Class Rogue Musashi – Megaton-kyuu Musashi

When the alien race Dracter came and decimated 99% of the population and hollowed out the Earth, humanity’s last hope lies on the chosen few survivors. While the enemy is many and powerful, we have a secret weapon to reverse the tide of battle. The chance for counterattack rest on the giant shoulders of the Rogues – giant robots built to combat the alien threat and protect whatever’s left of our planet. Among them are special the special Megaton-class that is bigger, faster and stronger than any others. And the first one to grace the battlefield is the Megaton-class Rogue Musashi!

I. History:
– After alien warships and robots arrive on Earth and invaded the Earth without warning, humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction. However, they managed to survive in shelters spread around the world – with only 0.1% of the population left. The top scientists of Earth together developed the Rogue – spearheaded by Doctor Ryusei Haruma. The Rogues are giant robots built for combat. The most common type is Diver-class, whereas the special class are the Megaton class.

– In the shelter named Ixia, the Musashi was developed as its first Megaton-class. The unit was then assigned to three young teenage pilots: Ichidaiji Yamato, Teru Asami and Ryuugo Hijikata. The Musashi then joined the Ixia’s Rogue combat force to repel the Dracter/Sidr attacks. During its first sortie, it was able to defeat numerous Dracter mechas, as well as a giant fusion type. The Musashi then joined various combat operations and was able to successfully repel all attacks by the Dracters, however, it struggled against general types such as Grieffas’ fighter or the giant fusion type that required 3 Megaton-classes to defeat.

– After the a few battles, Teru Asami and Ryuugo received their own Megaton-class Rogues, and Yamato became the sole pilot of the Musashi. With Yamato’s reckless piloting but ingenious battle instincts, the Musashi’s fighting style became unorthodox and creative, which turned him into a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

– After the Ixia arrived at the Sanctuary, the Musashi was replaced by an upgraded Megaton-class – the Musashi X (Cross), and Yamato, Teru and Ryuugo all piloted it together. It is unclear what became of the Musashi afterwards. Two possible option is someone else got assigned to it or it was kept in storage.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Megaton-class are much bigger than the normal Rogue – standing at 60 meters. The unit is comprised of three parts: Musashi #1, Musashi #2 and Musashi #3. The three parts are separable and can be deployed separately carrier jets for fast deployment to distant battlefields. Once the three carriers arrive the deployment site, the pilots can initiate the “Sky Build” sequence – a combining gimmick to form Musashi. The sequence is usually carried out mid-air and leave the Musashi exposed in the process.

– The Musashi’s armor is made of the strongest “Megatronium” alloy – allowing for superb durability. Its power-source is also massive, able to generate a large amount of energy to supply its weapons and attacks. The reactor is stored in the chest of the unit while the cockpits are situated in the head, abdomen and hip. There are three separate cockpits corresponding to three components, but three pilots is not required to control it. The visor of the Musashi also has 2 eyes inside with pupils – unlike other Diver-class Rogues. The Musashi has 2 large thrusters on its back and 2 smaller ones on its elbows.

– Musashi’s standard armament is the double swords stored on the hips. They can be super-heated to cut through Dracter’s armor like paper. Other weapons can be provided from the Ixia using launchers or carriers such as the Photon Revolver – a giant revolver that shoot photon bullets as the name imply. Other weapons include the All Divider – a giant buster sword with massive weight as well as destructive capabilities. The Hydro Blaster which looks like an enormous atomic bomb.

– The Musashi also contains internal weapon that is usually hidden – such as the Defusion Blaster which is deployed from the chest straight from the reactor. Another is the Megaton Punch – where an Explosion Core is deployed from the forearm to deliver an earth-shattering punch. The Musashi can also connect with the Ixia’s Tachyon Generator to literally “manifest” weapons from thin air using tachyon particles. It could manifest a giant blade called Muramasa that is several times longer than its height, a giant Booster as well as an asteroid to throw at the enemy battleship.

– The Musashi – along with other Megaton-class Rogues – is capable of unleashing pre-prepgrammed special attacks. Some sequences include the Megaton Punch, X-Break, Southern Cross End, Meteor Kick etc…

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