Mecha Profile: Megaton-Class Rogue Arthur – Megaton-kyuu Musashi

The Megaton-class Rogue is the key to humanity’s survival and victory. The Musashi is a powerful robot that can defeat many Dracters, but just it alone won’t be enough. That is why Ixia continued to manufactured Megaton-class Rogues to better protect its people as well as fight against the alien threat. However, even though the second Megaton-class was also quite powerful, its pilot didn’t really want to fight. Even so, the footsteps of the King of Knights are enough to sow fear in the enemy – in comes the 2nd Megaton-class: the Arthur.

I. History:
– After alien warships and robots arrive on Earth and invaded the Earth without warning, humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction. However, they managed to survive in shelters spread around the world – with only 0.1% of the population left. The top scientists of Earth together developed the Rogue – spearheaded by Doctor Ryusei Haruma. The Rogues are giant robots built for combat. The most common type is Diver-class, whereas the special class are the Megaton class.

– In the shelter named Ixia, after developing the first Megaton-class Musashi, the engineering team continued to build the 2nd Megaton-class Arthur. But this time, the pilot was chosen by the medical division. The chief of the medical division – Simon Raider – picked his foster son Amemiya Reiji to be the pilot of the Arthur. However, Reiji didn’t want to fight and is very averse to violent. However, Simon forced him inside the Arthur and pushed him into the battlefield. Eventually, Reiji accepted his position and piloted the Arthur to fight against the Dracters.

– Since the Arthur is a pure ground-based Rogue, it was used mostly for ground battles. Reiji even switched to another Rogue to join an aerial fight alongside the Musashi. Due to the change in Ixia’s situation and mission, the Arthur was upgraded into the Arthur Riser – which removed its hindlegs and converted it into a full humanoid Rogue. Reiji continued piloting the Arthur Riser until the end of the series.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Megaton-class are much bigger than the normal Rogue – standing at 60 meters. The Arthur is a unique Rogue amongst the Megaton-class as it is the only unit to have quadruple legs like a centaur. It follows a gladiator/knight motif with a phalanx head design and knight armor. It has large thrusters and binders on its back for fast maneuvers and pauldrons on the hindleg which resembles a chariot. Its main color scheme is silver, gold and red. It is a single-pilot Rogue.

– The Arthur standard armaments is a Knight Sword, Shield and a Laser Pistol called the Pointer Ray. The sword is extremely sharp and can cut through grunt Dracter units with ease. The Arthur also has an internal engine called the Act Driver – which utilizes psychic energy from the pilot to Psychorizes (enhance the Rogue performance). Reiji is an extremely powerful psychic with the power to heal injuries, and he can also channel his psychic energy into Arthur. Whenever he does, the Arthur is surrounded by a blue aura and its abilities increases significantly.

– The Arthur has a special attack called “Knights of Grand” – by swinging its sword in a powerful slash, it can create an energy tornado that decimate anything in its radius, except the center.

III. Gallery:

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