Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Zwolf – Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

While most Fafner Unit are mass-produced and possess somewhat similar ways of fighting – except the Salvator models, there are Fafner units that possess very unique combat methodology. One of them is the Fafner Mark Zwolf – piloted by Seri Tatekami – a young girl whose close bond with the Tatsumiya Island Core drive her will to fight.

I. History:
– The Fafner Mark Zwolf is the twelfth unit and is a second generation Nothung-model Fafner. The Mark Zwolf was built shortly after the event of the Dead Aggressor and made its debut in Heaven and Earth – where it joined the 2nd Operation Azure and survived.

– The unit is piloted by Seri Tatekami – a 2nd-generation pilot. She has a close relationship with Douma Hiroto – pilot of the Mark Funf – as well as the Island’s Core – Minashiro Tsubaki and Minashiro Orihime. She is a gentle, caring girl, but when piloting the Fafner, it changed her personality into a more aggressive type.

– Roughly 2 years after the 2nd Operation Azure, the Mark Zwolf once again sortied with Seri on board. She fought to protect the Island from the Festum when the 3rd-generation Pilot wasn’t enough to hold back the Festum, prompting the previous pilots’ return to service, including the Mark Acht, Mark Neun and Mark Dreizehn. The Mark Zwolf subsequently got upgraded to Einherjar model after Canon create the design for them. After Altair – a powerful Mir – landed on Tatsumiya, the island and its Core sunk to the depth of the ocean while its inhabitants leave. Seri Tatekami decided to also stay on the Island and slumber with it, until the people of Alvis return once more.

– In The Beyond, Seri and the Mark Zwolf awakened and came to help Alvis in their fight against Chaos during the 6th Operation Azure. Seri’s hair has turned white but her facial features are still youthful, most likely thanks to the blessing of the Island’s Mir.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Zwolf (Zwolf is “12” in German) is a second-generation Nothung-model. The Zwolf shares the same silhouette with the Mark Elf, Mark Drei and Mark Sechs. The Mark Zwolf has an pink-ish red color-scheme. The Mark Zwolf’s height should be about 40-meter, which is the standard height of Tatsumiya’s Fafner unit.

– The Mark Zwolf should have the same fixed armaments as other Island Fafner units, which are the Mine Blade, Razing Cutters and Knuckle Guard. It was seen using the Mine Blade in some occasions. For other handheld armaments, the Mark Zwolf prefers the Long Sword, which is the same sword the Susanoo uses. The weapon has 2 laser-edges that needs to be activated to achieve high cutting power. Once activated, it can slice through Festum armor with ease.

– A unique weapon of the Mark Zwolf is the “Shotgun Horn” – which is the main part of its unique fighting style. The Shotgun Horn is a head-mounted weapon that can generate a pyramidal energy shape that can penetrate through targets. The Mark Zwolf can either ram the target with it or “shoot” it like a spiked projectile. The weapon was created by the Tatsumiya Fafner development team after seeing Seri headbutt a Festum and decided she needed new equipment. This equipment is very similar to the Heat Horn of the Alteisen in SRW OG.

– Mark Zwolf’s SDP also involve the use of the Shotgun Horn. The Horn generate a spherical assimilation zone that “consume” Festum in its area of effect, turning them into energy for Seri and the Mark Zwolf. Seri often regard this phenomenon as “eating”. As the SDP take away her ability to eat food normally since everything she touches got crystalized. After getting the Einherjar module upgrade, her power grew stronger.

– During the 6th Operation Azure, the Mark Zwolf sortied with a swarm of Norns – remote controlled combat drones which increase its ranged attack greatly.

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