Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Zehn – Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

It is the fate of the children of Tatsumiyajima to pilot giant machines called Fafner and fight against the Festum to protect everyone. But not all the kids are comfortable doing so. Akira Nishio – a shy and introverted person – finally summoned his courage and stand on the battlefield to fight alongside his machine: the Fafner Mark Zehn.

I. History:
– The Fafner Mark Zehn is the tenth Nothung Model developed by Alvis. The unit makes its debut in Fafner: Heaven and Earth movie – assigned to Akira Nishio. Akira is the grandson of Ikumi Nishio – one of the oldest Alvis scientists and Fafner developers – as well as twin brother to Rina Nishio – pilot of the Mark Neun. Akira is very reserved, and almost doesn’t talk, until he get into the Mark Zehn – which alters his mental state.

– Akira is a 2nd-generation pilot, along with Seri, Hiroto and his sister Rina, he was commissioned as a Fafner pilot under the tutelage of Kenji Kondou and Toumi Maya. Akira soon joined the actual battle when a hostile Festum swarm attack the Island. However, the Mark Zehn was subsequently damaged in battle and almost got assimilated. Kouyou and his Mark Vier suddenly appeared and rescued him, but the Mark Zehn was unable to participate in the 2nd Operation Azure, and Akira piloted the Zero Fafner with Rina instead.

– After the 2nd Operation Azure, the Mark Zehn was repaired and Akira piloted it into Exodus. After coming into contact with the General Narain’s forces, Akira joined the Expedition Force with the Mark Zehn and left the island along with Hiroto and Toumi. After many hardship, Akira finally reunited with the Island, however, the Mark Zehn once again got put out of commissioned and Akira had to pilot the Zero Fafner again. Unfortunately, he was assimilated due to taking on Rina’s burden as well.

– In The Beyond, the Mark Zehn was modified with the Einherjar module into the Mark Zehn Kai – codenamed “Achilles”. This unit was given to Kazuki Makabe. The unit then underwent a Savatorization process and “evolved” into the Fafner Mark Alles.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Zehn (Zehn is “10” in German) is a first-generation Nothung-model. The Zehn shares the same body structure with the Mark Neun, Mark Acht and Mark Vier with large modules on both shoulders. The Mark Zehn has a light grey color scheme. The unit stands around 38-40 meters – which is standard for other Nothung models.

– The Mark Zehn should have the same fixed armaments as other Island Fafner units, which are the Mine Blade, Razing Cutters and Knuckle Guard. However, it is rarely seen using any of those weapons except for the Mine Blade, opting for using handheld armaments instead.

– For handheld armaments, the Mark Zehn used the high-caliber sniper rifle Dragon Tooth. This is the same weapon that Maya Toumi uses with her Mark Sieben, probably due to Akira’s admiration towards Toumi. While not as good a marksman as Toumi, Akira is very proficient with the weapon despite having some initial anxiety issue. Akira also uses the Durandal handgun in case of emergencies. The Mark Zehn was seen equipped dual long blades but never uses them.

– The Mark Zehn Kai “Achilles” piloted my Kazuki uses the standard Luger Lance exclusively. The weapon is a signature of Kazuki as after Mark Sein, it is the only weapon he wields. The weapon is capable of both long-range and melee combat, as well as channeling Kazuki’s ability.

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