Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Sieben – Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

The dear wish to stand on the battlefield and experience the same feelings as her peers gave Maya Toumi the determination to pilot the Fafner Mark Sieben. Little did she know that she will become one of the most skilled Fafner pilot and sniper on the entire Tatsumiyajima island. The Mark Sieben is the embodiment of One Shot, One Kill.

I. History:
– The Mark Sieben is a first-generation Nothung-model. This unit is the last to be debuted in Dead Aggressor among Tatsumiyajima’s Fafner. It was assigned to Toumi Maya after she was discovered to have high aptitude for being a pilot, as well as having exceptional marksmanship. It was also her wish to be able to fight on the frontline with her friends.

– The Mark Sieben joined other Fafner units in battles to defend the Island, where it mostly stay on the ground and perform sniping attacks. The Sieben also participated in the first Operation Azure. During Aggressor, the unit wasn’t shown to fly even though it was equipped with the same large backpack on the Mark Sechs that give it atmospheric flight.

– In Heaven and Earth and Exodus, Maya piloted the Sieben in aerial combat, displaying impressive maneuverability while keeping her exceptional marksmanship. She and Mark Sieben participated in the Expedition Force so the Fafner wasn’t given the Einherjar module upgrade until the end of Exodus.

– In The Beyond, the improved Sieben with the Einherjar module is called the Mark Sieben Kai – codenamed “Azrael” – after the winged Angel of Death. Even after passing twenty years old, Maya still pilot the Fafner into battle with amazing skill. Her SDP enhances her “sniping eye” and give her deadly accuracy as well as boost the strength of her shots.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Sieben (Sieben is “7” in German) is a first-generation Nothung model. The Sieben shares the same body proportion with the Mark Sechs – including the backpack, with a dark magenta color-scheme. The Mark Sieben most likely has the ability to fly from the start, but only in Heaven and Earth that it do so.

– For fixed armaments, the Mark Drei has the standard Knuckle Guard that can fold down to perform punching attack, as well as the Razing Cutter that can fire grappling wires. Additionally, it has the Mine Blade stored on the knee compartment along with a pair of Knives on the knuckle. Just like other Fafners, the Mark Sieben also has the ability to use Fenrir for self-destruct.

– For handheld armaments, the Mark Sieben primarily uses the Dragon Tooth – a long-barreled high-caliber sniper rifle with a pile-bunker for stabilization on the ground. Maya used this weapon to great effect. It was also seen to use the Durandal handgun during emergencies. The Mark Sieben is one of the few Fafners that was never seen using the Luger Lance.

– The Mark Sieben Kai is also equipped with a Machine gun on its forearm to replace the forearm guards. It is unclear if the weapon is installed on both arms or just the left one.

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