Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Sein – Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

The first step towards not assimilation, but understanding and co-existence. A mother risking her life to give her children and mankind a new possibility in the future. Everything has led to the birth of the first Salvator-model – along with the child that will bless the world with his existence. Kazuki Makabe, after losing the Mark Elf, has received a gift from his “mother” – the Fafner Mark Sein – the child of existence.

I. History:
– The Fafner Mark Sein is one of the first two Salvator-Models developed by Youji Hino – who was once a resident of Tatsumiyajima. He left the island and joined the Neo UN Force to develop a weapon to exterminate the Festum – which resulted in the Mark Sein. With technology gained from the Nothung Model Mark Elf as well as the help of the Master-type Festum Mjolnir – who has assimilated Akane Makabe and took on her appearance, Youji successfully developed the Mark Sein.

– Youji asked Mjolnir/Akane to hand the unit to Kazuki Makabe because Kazuki has a special Festum factor. Kazuki after acquiring the Mark Sein displayed incredible power that no Festum can compare. Kazuki went back to Tatsumiyajima after being captured by the Neo UN with the Mark Sein and displayed its tremendous power.

– During the first Operation Azure, the Mark Sein led to Tatsumiyajima Fafner force and completed its objective of destroying the enemy’s Mir. However, the assimilation phenomenon has progressed so far that it took away Kazuki’s sense of sight. During Heaven and Earth, through a miraculous assimilation event with the Fafner Mark Nicht, Kazuki regained his sights once more.

– The Mark Sein was sealed away after the 2nd Operation Azure along with the Mark Nicht, and Kazuki retired as a Fafner pilot. However, an emergency arose and Kazuki had to return and the Mark Sein unsealed. Kazuki and the Mark Sein left the Island to aid the Expedition Force with General Narain’s crew along with the Mark Nicht. Even though continuous piloting of the Mark Sein place more and more toll on Kazuki, he kept piloting it until he almost got assimilated fully. Later on, he chose to be reborn under a new Mir – and became a perpetual existence of death and rebirth. After the Fourth Operation Azure, the Mark Sein was then given to Miwa Hino.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Sein (Sein means “Existence” in German) is one of the first Salvatore-model Fafner unit (Salvatore means Saviour in Italian). THe unit was constructed by Youji Hino with assistance from Mitsuhiro Bartland. The Mark Sein has the standard height for D-Island Fafner units (about 40 meters). The unit has a porcelain white color scheme.

– The Mark Sein isn’t shown to possess the same fixed equipment like other D-Island Fafner like the Razing Cutter or the Mine Blade, presumably because it wasn’t constructed by Alvis. Its propulsion system is also very different, with a single or armor on the back to provide thrust. The piece glows while the unit is accelerating with a blue light.

– The Mark Sein was shown to exclusively use the Luger Lance – a multi-purpose weapon that can act as both long-range and melee weapon. It can be use to perform stabbing attack, slashing attack in melee mode. It can also expose a Festum core after stabbing it by opening up the Lance’s body. Doing so will switch the Lance to long-range mode and allow it to shoot out energy blasts.

– The Mark Sein’s special ability allow it to assimilate the weapons it hold, amplifying the output several times. The assimilated weapon will have crystals covered the place where the Mark Sein hold it. The Mark Sein’s assimilation power can also repel the Festum’s own, giving it the power to cancel a Festum’s assimilation and save a human who is undergoing assimilation. This ability also manifest in Kazuki when he accepted his blessing.

– In Exodus, Kazuki was able to further assimilate the Festum and return them to nothingness – the world where the Festum came from. No matter how big the Festum was, the Mark Sein is able to completely absorb and assimilate any attacks the Festum throw at it and then fully crystalizes them. As Kazuki keep piloting the Sein, he get stronger and stronger while reducing his lifespan as a human and becoming a Festum himself. It is an incredibly powerful double-edged sword.

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