Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Funf – Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

While other Fafner units act as the sword that pierces the enemy, one unit act as the great shield that always stand at the frontline, taking the brunt of the Festum attack and protect its comrade. It is the embodiment of the Kidou Samurai Goubain. Its name is the Fafner Mark Funf!

I. History:
– Mark Funf is a first-generation Nothung-model Fafner, manufactured along with Eins, Zwei and Elf. Funf means Five (V) in German. The Mark Funf was completed after the destruction of Mark Sechs and the new pilots are put into training. The Mark Funf has a dark blue color-scheme, slightly darker than the Elf.

– After losing the Mark Sechs and its pilot, Tatsumiyajima needed to bolster its defense with new Fafners and pilots. The new generation includes Mamoru Kodate – pilot of the Mark Funf. When boarding the Fafner, Mamoru usually dons the helmet of Goubain – a hero mecha from a manga he loves – and that changes his personality as well as make him forget the events of the fight. Almost like he switched to another personality while riding the Fafner witht the helmet.

– The Mark Funf was working in formation with the Mark Acht and Mark Drei. Until a Festum ambush happened and the Mark Funf was heavily damaged in battle and its pilot lost. The Mark Funf was later restored and passed down to Hiroto Douma – a 2nd-generation pilot. He also don the same helmet as Mamoru and professed himself as Goubain the 2nd.

– The Mark Funf was later acquired by the Neo U.N Force after ROE Alpha, which resulted in the death of its pilot. The unit was later used as a base to create the Mark Raison.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– Being a Nothung model, the Fafner Mark Funf has better protection against the assimilation phenomenon, so much that even without a dedicated pilot suit, the pilot can still control the Fafner fairly well. After boarding the Fafner – no matter which unit, the pilot will undergo changes in their chromosomes structure and began to “change”. For Mark Funf and its first pilot – Mamoru Kodate, the changes weren’t too drastic until he put on the Goubain helmet – which turn him into a sort of high-and-mighty hero with courageous confident and fearlessness.

– The Mark Funf cockpit is in the crotch area – which is also where the control block’s eject mechanism lie.

– The original Mark Funf didn’t carry any weapons, opting for barehanded attacks instead. When Hiroto Douma pilot it, it was seen using the Luger Lance – Tatsumiyajima’s standard Fafner weapon. The weapon can act as both melee and long-range weapon.

– The Aegis Shield equipment is the Mark Funf’s iconic armaments. It is equipped on the unit’s shoulder and typically has 4 panels. Each panel can fold open and deploy an energy shield that can defend against physical weaponries and Festum’s wormhole attacks. When not used in shield mode, the smaller panels on the Aegis shield can fire energy shots as well, acting as both defensive and offensive equipment. After the events in Heaven and Earth, the Aegis Shield was upgraded to be able to extend the outside panel longer than the previous version.

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