Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Elf – Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

When the Festum is right in front of the Welle Shield, who you gonna call? The main character and his unit of course! Kazuki Makabe’s personal unit in the first half of season 1 in Dead Aggressor – the Fafner Mark Elf – is a first-generation Nothung model from Tatsumiyajima.

I. History:
– The Fafner Mark Elf (Mark Eleventh) is a first-generation Nothung model to succeed the Titans model. The Mark Elf entered battle with Kazuki Makabe when the Mark Zwei was without its pilot. After its first fight, the Mark Elf was damaged and parts from the Zwei were used to repair it, giving it a dark blue color instead of the lighter color initially.

– Kazuki used the unit to great effect and fought off the Festum multiple times. However, the unit later fell into the hands of the Neo UN and was lost. Kazuki got the Mark Sein and his Mark Elf was never seen again.

– Despite that, a new model based on the Mark Elf – the Fafner Mark Elf Susanoo (XIV) was constructed by Tatsumiyajima and given to Reo Mikado. The unit has the same dark blue color as the old Mark Elf. Later on, the Susanoo was upgraded with the Einherjar module and gained teleportation power.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– Being a Nothung model, the Fafner Mark Elf has better protection against the assimilation phenomenon, so much that even without a dedicated pilot suit, the pilot can still control the Fafner fairly well. After boarding the Fafner – no matter which unit, the pilot will undergo changes in their chromosomes structure and began to “change”. The longer the pilot stay in the Fafner, the closer he/she gets to fully assimilated and turning into crystal. The phenomenon cannot be stopped, only delayed. Like other Fafners, the Mk. Elf transmit the pain from damaged area to the pilot as well as the Siegfried System.

– The Mark Elf cockpit is in its chest. Each Fafner’s cockpit block is inserted through the crotch area and moved to the chest after insertion. The ejection mechanism bring the cockpit down the hatch and jettison the whole control block outside the body. The Mark Elf features thrusters along its lower legs and back – which allows for some decent jumping power and temporary flight. For extended aerial combat, the unit can dock itself with the Lindwurm aircraft – a large flight module armed with missiles, laser cannon and grapple hooks.

– For fixed armaments, the Mk. Elf features a Mine Blade in the knee compartment, which has a laser edge that can regain its shape after breaking. The weapon is minimally effective against Festum of the Sphinx class and above. The Fafner’s forearm can flip down The unit also has Razing Cutters on its knuckles – which are basically Harkens from Knightmare Frame. Additionally, the Elf is equipped with the standard Fenrir system for self-destruct.

– The Mark Elf was shown to used a variety of armaments, most notably the Luger Lance – which is the most common weapons used by Fafners. The weapon resemble a large broadsword that can slash open a Festum – revealing its core and fire a charged projectile after opening the weapon up. The Elf also used a Gegner – a small laser gun that can quickly dispose of small Festums, a Railgun, a Long sword – which is a sword with laser edge like the Mine Blade.

III. Gallery:
a. Fafner Mark Elf (VI):

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