Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark DreiZehn – Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

The newest and the most “futuristic” (in the most literal sense) Nothung-model of Tatsumiyajima Fafner Force. The Fafner Mark DreiZehn is literally the bridge to the future of humanity. Created for the ex-UN soldier Kanon Memphis, the Mark DreiZehn joins the battle right when all hope seems lost, and opened the door to the future for Tatsumiya and her most loved ones.

I. History:
– The Fafner Mark DreiZehn is the thirteenth unit and is a second generation Nothung-model Fafner. The Mark DreiZehn was built shortly after the event of the Dead Aggressor and made its debut in Heaven and Earth.

– The unit is piloted by Canon Memphis – an ex-Neo UN pilot that joined the Island after Kazuki convinced her to live instead of throwing her life away. Canon used to pilot the Mark Drei during the First Operation Azure, but when Sakura recovered, the Mark Drei was returned to her. The DreiZehn was constructed especially for her. Canon also took an interest in Fafner construction and maintenance afterwards, allowing her to design the Einherjar modules for the Nothung models.

– When Canon returned to being an active pilot in Exodus, she boarded the unit to sortie, but the unit shutdown from the outside world and showed Canon visions of the future. The future timestamps began branching and the visions she saw became different. It was then Canon realized it was showing her possible futures within the DreiZehn as her SDP. The trade-off for seeing the future is she gradually lost weight. Afterwards, she decided to interact with the future to find a way for everyone to survive, and she succeeded, leading to the creation of the Einherjar module while lessen the assimilation phenomenon greatly and allow the Fafner pilots to stay in the cockpit for a much longer time. However, she exhausted her power and her weight became zero, and she disappeared into the Island’s Mir – becoming one with everyone who has died on the Island before.

– The DreiZehn was then given to Kurusu Misao – a Festum who has allied with the Island and took on a human silhouette to fight. At the start of The Beyond, the unit was upgraded into the DreiZehn Kai.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark DreiZehn (DreiZehn is “13” in German) is a second-generation Nothung-model. The DreiZehn shares the same silhouette with the Mark Elf, Mark Drei and Mark Sechs. It has an orange color scheme. The Mark Zwolf’s height should be about 40-meter, which is the standard height of Tatsumiya’s Fafner unit.

– The Mark Zwolf should have the same fixed armaments as other Island Fafner units, which are the Mine Blade, Razing Cutters and Knuckle Guard. However, the unit was only shown to use the Fafner’s iconic weapon – the Luger Lance. The Luger Lance is cable of slashing and stabbing, as well as unleashing a powerful energy blast to destroy the Festum.

– Mark DreiZehn’s SDP is the ability to peer into possible future branches and interact with it. The unit can show the pilot (specifically Canon) multiple different records of a specific time-stamp in the future. Canon can then choose which future she want to guide the current events to. However, when all possibilities led to the destruction of Tatsumiya Island and everyone at one point, Canon fell into despair. But the Island Core told her that she mustn’t just watch and choose, but she can also fight for it. This made Canon realized that she can “interact” with the vision in the future to create her desired future. Canon then fought endlessly in the future and eventually came up with the design for the Einherjar modules in exchanging for exhausting her life and succumb to the terminal assimilation.

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