Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Alles – Soukyuu no Fafner: The Beyond

A Fafner to defeat all Fafners – the encompassing element of all – bestowed upon the child that has sacrificed his humanity to bless the world. Kazuki Makabe unleashed his power to become the third aspect aside from Existence (Sein) and Nothingness (Nicht). He has become Alles (Everything) – with power so great that few can stand in his way. The Fafner Mark Alles is Kazuki’s final and ultimate machine in the war against the Festum.

I. History:
– After the 5th Operation Azure, Kazuki’s machine – the Mark Zwei Kai Grimreaper – was stolen by Maris, and he was forced to use the Mark Zehn Kai Achilles instead. During one of the battles to defend the Island from the Benon swarm that came to take Soushi away, Kaburagi Sui was able to lure the enemy swarm away, and gave Kazuki the signal to unleash his power in the Mark Zehn.

– Kazuki has already become closer to Festum than human at the time, and was blessed by Kurusu’s Mir and had almost unlimited power – but he was on a time limit. He then unleashed his Festum power along with the Achilles’ Einherjar modules to perform a process called “Salvatorization” – which converted an Einherjar Model into a Salvator model. This evolution gave birth to the Mark Alles – an entirely new Fafner with power beyond comprehension.

– The Mark Alles displayed great battle potential – swiftly dispatching any enemy units in its path. Its only rivaled by other Salvator models – the Mark Sein, Nicht and Raison. During the 6th Operation Azure, the Mark Alles wasn’t able to damage the Mark Raison and vice versa. Later on, Kazuki fought the young Soushi in the new Mark Nicht and was subsequently defeated because he was holding back. He then allowed Soushi to accompany Miwa to assimilate the Altair’s Mir.

– After Benon and Malespero was defeated, Kazuki – along with Kouyou in the Mark Vier Kai – piloted the Mark Alles to travel the world and discover the things he hasn’t seen. He made a promised with Maya to come back to Tatsumiyajima one day, now that the Island has been recovered.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Alles (Alles means “Everything” in German) is a Salvator Fafner model. It was the result of a unique conversion called Salvatorization – which the pilot uses their power of assimilation to bring the Fafner onto a new level. The Mark Alles’s core body still resembles an Einherjar model, but its arms and legs have all changed. The feet are now similar to heels rather than normal leveled feet. The arms are bulkier with a new armguard. The Mark Alles also grew wings on the back with detachable feathers – similar to the Mark Nicht. It also retains the single blade on the back like other Salvator models, and the Alles’ blade glows blue.

– The Mark Alles doesn’t carry any external weapons, and it is unclear if it retains standard internal armaments like the Razing Cutter or the Mine Blade. The main weapons of the unit is two Luger Lance-like weapon stored on the forearm. Usually retracted and hidden in the arm guard, the Mark Alles can deploy them when it needs. The length is slightly shorter than a regular Luger Lance, but still plenty long to use as a sword. Of course, the blade couldn’t fit inside the armguard normally, and most likely was constructed whenever Kazuki needs.

– The Mark Alles’ wings also contains remote weapons connected to the unit with wires similar to the Mark Nicht. The “feathers” on the wings resemble throwing daggers and they can channel Kazuki’s assimilation power. Anything they stab can be assimilated and returned to nothingness. The feathers’ tips have a golden orange glow. The Mark Alles is also one of the few units with two type of clear parts on its body – blue and orange.

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