Mecha Profile: Eva-0.0 – Evangelion ANIMA

3 years after the failed assault on Nerv HQ and the Human Instrumentality Project thwarted by Shinji’s own hands, Nerv Japan rebuilt their headquarters above the old Geofront, and establish the strongest military force on Earth with 6 Evangelion units – 3 of which are capable of striking anywhere on Earth within minutes of deployment. They are the Mass-produced Evangelion Series-0.0 that keep watch over the blue planet from above the atmosphere.

I. Development History:
– After the Nerv HQ attack, all Mass-produced Evangelions were killed by Shinji, and Nerv Japan managed to recover 3 of them, while the others disappear mysteriously. The spines of those MP Evas were extracted and installed externally on three Eva-00s – identical to the ones that Rei Ayanami pilot. They also get new restraint armor and assigned the official name Evangelion Unit-00 Type II Kai: Area Defensive Unit [0.0EVA]

– However, their area of operation isn’t in Japan, not even on the surface of the Earth. The three units were launched into Earth’s Orbit from a floating dock in Hakone. They created a triangular defense network called the “Sword of Damocles” by dividing their orbit into 120-degree angle each. This is Nerv’s Anti-Angel Global Defense Network. The Evas can strike at any point on the Earth and provide full coverage against any threats to humanity.

– The Evas also have pilots inside their Entry Plugs. They are three Rei Ayanami clones born from artificial wombs. One clone is slightly older, one clone is the same age as the Rei from the tv series, and one is a 7-year-old girl but with the mind of normal Rei. The Rei Ayanami from the end of the tv series stay on Earth in order to monitor those three clones. The Reis are usually under induced sleep unless combat is required or when Nerv need to bring the Eva down to Earth for maintenance.

– The 3 Evangelions was orbiting Earth safely when one of them suddenly go rogue and attack Nerv Japan. It then mutate due to contamination from a new threat and turn into a whole different unit, with the Gamma-ray Laser Cannon fused into its arm. It returned to Earth and engaged in battle with Shinji in his Eva-01 Type-F.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The Eva-0.0 is roughly about 80-meter – as they are based on the original Eva-00. The restraint armor they are wearing is the Type-2 restraint armor. For all intent and purposes, it is identical to the Eva-00 except for the external S2 Engine on its back. As mentioned, the S2 engines were attached to the spine of the mass-produced Evas, and it is impossible to separate the Engine from the spine without it “dying”. So Nerv decided to attach the spine to the unit itself. The S2 Engine provide unlimited energy to the Eva, effectively removing the need for an energy cable.

– As part of the global anti-Angel search-and-destroy network, its only weapon is the Gamma-ray Laser Cannon. The weapon is capable of outputting 400 mega-electron volt of energy, enough to pierce through up to 500-meter of obstacle to hit its target. It took the Eva-00s 10 seconds to awake their pilots, 30 seconds to start-up to combat readiness, and another 90 to aim their Gamma cannons and shoot. If there are any threats, in just a bit over 2 minutes, an orbital strike will be deliver to eliminate it.

– The Eva-0.0 doesn’t carry any melee weaponry, hence in case of close combat, it can only use its fists and legs to fight. However, due to possessing the S2 Engine, its combat power is much higher than normal Evas that still rely on external power (Eva-00 and Eva-02). This was proven when the Eva-0.0 went toe-to-toe with the Eva-01 type-F – the strongest Eva that Nerv has at their disposal.

III. Trivia:

– With the three Eva-0.0s in orbit, Nerv Japan currently has 6 Evas at their disposal: Eva-01, Eva-02, Eva-00 and 3 orbital Evas – effectively making them the mightiest military force in the world.
– The Evangelions were once thought of as purely ground-based weapons and were only effective in their area of deployment. However, the deployment of the Eva-0.0s into orbit has given them complete aerial supremacy.
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