Mecha Profile: Eva-01 Type-F – Evangelion ANIMA

In ANIMA, things didn’t go as grim as the tv series. Shinji manned up and saved the entire world from the Third Impact. He beat back the Mass-Produced Evas and saved Asuka along with literally everybody. And then, all was well with the world. Fast-forward 3 years, Shinji has become the best Eva pilot at NERV Japan, along with his upgraded Evangelion – the Eva-01 Type-F.

I. Development History:
– The Eva-1 Type-F is Shinji’s unit in ANIMA. After Shinji grew up, the Eva-01 grew with him. Therefore, the old restraint armor doesn’t fit anymore. So NERV designed new armor for the Eva, making it into a test-bed for A.T field technology. NERV Japan Engineering Department, now led by Maya Ibuki, has been studying A.T Field ever since the NERV HQ attack.

– Resembling an animated suit of armor, the Type-F armor has been designed to test A.T field generation technology, in hopes of not just increased defensive capability but also the ability to fly. Ultimately, flight wasn’t achieved, but the Type-F armor grants Unit One a tremendous increase in performance even compared to the lighter models.

– The Type-F engaged in battle against the rogue Eva-0.0 piloted by one of the Ayanami clones and was damaged badly. A Gamma Beam punctured right through its body, shredding a part of its core and vaporized the entire Entry Plug along with Shinji inside it. Effectively, the Eva was dead and so did Shinji. However, a miracle happened, and a new Eva was born: the Super Evangelion.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The Eva-01 has grown in the 3-year span after the end of the tv series and has now reached almost 100 meters. The Evangelions strangely mimic the growth of their pilots, and as Shinji reached 17, the Evangelion also increase in height, weight as well as its internal structure. The growth of the Evas are anti-scientific since in ANIMA, it was explained that the Evas are made up of non-bionic material, which means they are fully mechanical. The “flesh” underneath the armor aren’t living tissue. Even so, when the Eva suffer a cut or open wound, blood spew forth from the wound, which is impossible to explain since there are no blood flowing through the Eva’s body.

– The Type-F armor is a heavy-weight armor for Evangelions. It is embedded with the newest A.T Field technology developed by NERV Japan. It allows the unit to run faster and jump higher than ever. Even though it is the heaviest armor, its performance far outstrip other units, namely Unit-02 and Unit-00, even though the others are much lighter and slimmer. The Type-F armor in ANIMA has an extra mask over its mouth, since the ones appearing in previous video games didn’t have one.

– The Eva-01 Type-F doesn’t carry firearms or external weapons in its default config. However, it still keep 2 Progressive Knives in its weapon rack. The Type-F Prog Knife is a larger version of the original, resembling a machete instead of knife. The Type-F armor also houses 2 Impact Bolt energy weapons in the shoulders. They are capable of compressing 2 super large A.T Fields into an extremely small point, which uses the phase differential reaction between the normal atmosphere and the compressed A.T Field to either generate whip-like lightning bolts or act as a Field Piercer – to tear through the enemy’s A.T Field. The Field Piercer version appear as two black orbs that can be wielded by the Eva.
III. Gallery: