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If you’re a relatively close friend of the main character, you either fade into oblivion or get turned into an adversary. And for our beloved class representative Hikari Horaki, she was met with the latter route. The gentle Hikari was forced to pilot the new Eva unit developed by NERV Germany to fight against the Japan branch – its name is Heurtebise – the Angel of Death.

I. History:
– After the decisive NERV HQ battle, Nerv underwent a re-organization as a whole. Now there are separate branches in different parts of the world, and they operate entirely independent from each other. Nerv Germany was one of them. Feeling bitter that Nerv Japan basically took possession of their Evangelion Unit Two – which was originally constructed in Germany, they aimed to create another Eva of their own. Under the guise of gathering data, they invited Hikari Horaki – a potential candidate to become an Eva pilot – and her entirely family to come to Europe for a “research” tour.

– After the appearance of a new enemy and a global disaster, millions of people in Europe perished, including Hikari’s sister. This sent the world governments and the United Nations into a panic. Instead of joining together to fight a common enemy, humanity repeat its mistake once more by directing their hatred and weapons at NERV Japan. But they need a weapon strong enough to combat NERV Japan’s Evangelion force, which at the moment is only Super Eva and the Eva-00 Type-F (since Asuka went to the Moon with Eva-02). Ironically, NERV Germany chose to revisit their old design.

– Eva-02’s development produced many prototypes and failures. NERV Germany has turned one of them into a fully working Evangelion with almost identical spec with Eva-02. One can say it is Unit Two’s twin. The connection between the two unit went far beyond outward appearance. As the two Evas resonate with each other subconsciously, where Eva-02 unintentionally replicate Heurtebise’s fake heartbeat even though the two are thousands of kilometers apart.

– Hikari was chosen as the pilot of the Heurtebise, although she wasn’t entirely willing. Nerv Germany has performed mental conditioning on the young girl to put her under their command. Hikari and the Heurtebise was sent on the UN Expedition Force to takeover NERV Japan. Although the 2nd invasion ended in failure, she fought against Shinji and his Super Evangelion to a standstill. Fortunately, she later regained clarity and become NERV Japan’s ally, albeit still serving at NERV Germany as Heurtebise’s pilot. The Heurtebise joined Nerv Japan, Nerv US and other nations’ military force in repelling Armaros’ force – humanity new enemy. However, it was contaminated by the Black Giant’s influence and turned on mankind, becoming its greatest enemy.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The Euro Evangelion Heurtebise is almost identical to the Eva-02, so its height should be around 80-meter and weight around 3,560 tons. The Heurtebise is painted all white and has 4-eyes just like Eva-02. The Euro Eva doesn’t rely on any external energy cable, but instead using 2 QR Signums. The QR Signums are mysterious red and black objects that supply unlimited quantum energy to anything it’s in contact with. They are artifacts from the mysterious Black Giant Armaros – who declared the extinction of humanity. NERV Germany has somehow acquired two of the QR Signums and reverse engineered it to use them as power sources for the Heurtebise. Although the QR Signums contaminate its user with Armaros’ influence, slowly eating away at their sanity.

– The Heurtebise is equipped with cutting edge technology, some from NERV Japan itself. Most notably is the flight unit on its hips – which is extremely similar to the NERV Japan’s Allegorica’s Graviton Floaters as well as N2 reactors. The Graviton floaters allow the Eva unlimited flight. The technology was top-secret, but NERV Germany obtained the tech through a leaked source: Aida Kensuke of NERV Japan’s Intelligent Division. This also mirrors Eva-02’s state at the moment as Asuka’s Eva was also equipped with the same module at the moment.

– Armaments wise, the Heurtebise carries two melee weapons: a cross-shaped spear and a sword. The Eva can generate an A.T Field at the tip of the spear with great power thanks to the application of reliquaries. Reliquaries are small containers that house a pilot’s valuable possessions. Reliquaries create a placebo effect that enhance the power of the A.T Field where they are placed when the pilot think the reliquaries are present. In short, the desire to protect the reliquary empower their A.T Fields. This helps edged weapon increase its penetration and cutting ability.

– The Heurtebise doesn’t operate alone. Its entourage consist of many armored vehicles from NERV Germany. They carry quantum mirrors to simulate Super Eva’s heartbeat in the Eva’s chest as well as graviton reflectors to create directional gravitation pull. The graviton reflectors can redirect the Heurtebise’s graviton floaters gravity wave to another location and apply a sort of force pull/push on its target.

– The Heurtebise’s ultimate weapon is the Devil’s Backbone – a Field-Piercer Mega Beam Cannon that is capable of punching through A.T Field like paper. The weapon is made from several discarded Eva’s spines taken from failed prototypes. The mechanism of the weapon uses accelerated baryon particles to tear open an event horizon – a micro blackhole that would decimate even the god’s servant. It is near impossible to block a Devil’s Backbone shot. However, firing it also has some drawback and it couldn’t be fired repeatedly in a short period of time. The barrel of the weapon can be used as whip as they are made from Eva spines.

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