Mecha Profile: AHSMB White Zero – Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

In any mecha series, there has to be robotics – be it giant or small mechas or wearable techs. And of course, there must be a starting model – the first of all, the beginning of the machinae supremacy! And in most case, the first model is usually a prototype with the name “Zero”. Majestic Prince also has a Zero of its own – the ultra prototype AHSMB White Zero.

I. History:
– After the war with the Wulgaru started (you can read about it here), the military has constructed AHSMB units based on Wulgaru technology that princess Teoria provided. The first AHSMB prototype to be made was the White Zero – a unit with extremely high-spec and ultra-sensitive control. Due to it being too difficult to operate, the White Zero was shelved, and from the data of developing it, the five AHSMBs in the tv series were made – with a much more dumbed down specs.

– After the Blue One to Red Five was made, the White Zero was sealed away in an underground hangar underneath the Granzere MJP Academy. Noone ever touched the unit again.

– Until the invasion of Diolune – a Wulgaru remnant after the Wulgary Warp Gate was destroyed. Students and staff of Granzere escaped to the underground hangar, and subsequently rescued Asagi – pilot of the Blue One. Asagi then discovered the White Zero and piloted it into battle with Diolune. It was destroyed during the battle.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The AHSMB-000 White Zero is the first AHSMB ever created using technology that Teoria supplied. Being the first inline, White Zero’s spec was extremely skewed in proportion to its controllability. Its speed, mobility and firepower are all extraordinary. But it is also very difficult to control due to the exponentially increase in output making it ultra-sensitive and impossible to pilot effectively in a battle, the White Zero was deemed unfit for mass-production. The White Zero also has a core unit and an exoskeleton armor frame.

– After that, the Federation decided to “split” the White Zero into 5 units with different areas of expertise. Blue One and Red Five with the maneuverability, Rose Three with the mobility, Gold Four with the firepower and Purple Two with the data analysis. Since the amount of data processing required to pilot the White Zero is enormous, it took the Purple Two’s awakening to go through all that data and relay it back to Asagi.

– As stated, the White Zero’s output and sensitivity are skewed. The output doesn’t rise linearly but rather exponentially, so the higher output you go, the more sensitive it becomes and you have to carefully control how much you pull the level. The large propulsion modules on the leg and the ring on the back seems to give the unit its explosive power. The aiming system is also difficult to lock on and the recoil from the shot needs to be calibrated as well.

– The White Zero is also capable of performing genetic awakening. When in its awakened state, flexible orange stripes swing out from its arm, and the core unit’s arm can swing out and move freely, essentially giving it 2 extra sub-arms.

– The White Zero only has two weapon – which are cannon on each arm. The hand retracted to reveal the barrel. The firepower is substantial, but the fire-rate isn’t high.

III. Gallery:

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