Mecha Profile: AHSMB Rose Three – Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

In a squad of typically specialized roles, we need a damage dealer, a support, a sniper and of course, a tanker that pave the path of attack. For Team Rabbit that responsibility falls upon Tamaki Irie – the pilot of the high-speed AHSMB Rose Three – the largest of all AHSMB as well as the fastest and well armored. This gal has everything it takes to take down legions of Wulgaru forces in a single charge.

I. History:
– After the war with the Wulgaru started (you can read about it here), the military has constructed AHSMB units based on Wulgaru technology that princess Teoria provided. Initially, five units were made and assigned to Team Rabbit – the worst performing squad at the MJP school. Rose Three was one of the five units and was assigned to Tamaki Irie. She is a quirky, cheerful and somewhat naïve girl, a romanticist at heart with very bad luck with men.

– Tamaki Irie isn’t good at using her brains to think up strategies, but rather prefer to charge head-first into the enemy, opening a path and clearing out whatever’s ahead of her. Thankfully, the Rose Three is built for just that so most of the time her fighting style fits, but there are also a bunch of times where her reckless charging has landed her in danger and the team has to bail her out.

– During the battle at the Granzere City Academy, the Rose Three sacrificed all of its armor and eject the core unit to crash into the Wulgaru General Klein, allowing Gold Four to snipe and destroy Klein. Afterwards, the Rose Three armor was rebuilt.

– After the event of the tv series, another Wulgaru threat appeared, and Team Rabbit had to descend to Earth and fight. It was also in this battle that Rose Three unlocked its potential through awakening and became the deciding factor in defeating Dioluna.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The AHSMB-003 Rose Three is the 3rd unit assigned to Team Rabbit. At 30-meter tall, this unit looks more like a spacecraft rather than a humanoid mecha. Its shape if placed upright resembles a rose bud hence the name, as well as the dark shade of red really resemble a rose’s color. The Rose Three – just like the other units – has a humanoid core unit inside all the heavy armor and thruster. Unlike the other units, the core of Rose Three can be seen peeking out from the head of the unit – resembling Grendizer in its docked mode. The Rose Three’s cockpit is also different from the other AHSMB – in that the pilot seat resemble a motorcycle seat, which emphasizes the “speed” aspect of the unit. In the anime, this gimmick is often used for fanservice since Tamaki is described to have a well-endowed body.

– The Rose Three was made with Wulgaru technology that Teoria supplied, most notably the inclusion of the JURIA System. The system allow the AHSMB to move according to the pilot’s survival instinct. During battle, if the pilot’s instinct is to run, the AHSMB won’t be able to fight and will choose to flee. But if the pilot is determined to fight and survive the battle, then the AHSMB will turn into fierce combat machine with a lot of potential. The stronger the will, the more “fluid” the unit move. If the pilot freeze during battle, the unit will also freeze and may lead to catastrophic results. For Tamaki, this phenomenon only happen once during their first battle, and then she got used to the system and Rose Three never suffered from the freezing again.

– The Rose Three’s gigantic size allow for massive thrusters to be installed. They give the unit the speed it needed to move the massive body as well as plowing through waves of enemies. Her position in the team is BOOSTER – primarily for disrupting enemy’s formation by speeding through enemy lines and unleash her arsenal.

– Just like the Red Five, the Rose Three also has the potential to awaken and unleash its full power. When awakened, the arm and leg coils unfold to release an orange aura – which is different from Red Five’s blue aura. When awakened, the Rose Three purged its upper armor to reveal offensive weapons underneath, the side armor (wings) also became flexible like a butterfly wing/rose petals.

– The Rose Three has some very limited but effective weaponry to fulfill its role, such as:
1. Missile Pod: The Rose Three carries a large amount of homing missiles. These missiles are effective in confusing and disrupting enemy’s ranks.

2. Laser Emitter: Laser emitter lenses are equipped in various places alongside Rose Three’s body. The Rose Three can fire them at the same time while charging to destroy multiple targets on its path. While the lasers are high-speed, their power aren’t high but only enough to dispatch small Wulgaru soldiers.
3. High-powered Beam Emitter: revealed when the Rose Three awaken and purge its upper armor. These modules resemble giant rounded mirrors and can fire high-powered beams. Furthermore, the beams can even bend and home in on their targets, making Rose Three a fearsome AOE attackers.
4. Energy Ball: Rose Three can use its side wings to concentrate its energy into a giant energy ball, enough to decimate even Wulgaru generals such as Dioluna. While it can create the energy ball, it lacks the aiming precision to accurately deliver the blow, and usually connect to Gold Four’s aiming system for the final strike.

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