Mecha Profile: Fafner Zero – Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Agressor

When the mysterious alien entities arrive on Earth, what they want is not clear, but co-existence with humanity was unimaginable then. The Japan government then started the Alvis program to research ways to ensure humanity’s survival. Gigantic robots were made, called Fafner, and the first of them all is the largest – as well as one of the most powerful: the Zero Fafner

I. History:
– After the Seto Mir rendered every human in Japan infertile, the Japanese Government initiated the Alvis Program. Three mobile islands were created – each carry a fragment of the Mir with them. On the first Alvis – Tatsumiyajima – the researchers there were able to create the first prototype giant robot to combat the Festum.

– Additionally, the Alvis staff also created the Siegfried system – a special system that allow the operator to synchronizes and communicate with other Fafner units in the field. The Siegfried system is huge – and it was incorporated into the Zero Fafner’s body, which lead to its gigantic size. The Zero Fafner is also the only double-seater model and the only Aegir model as well.

– The Zero Fafner is developed by professor Ikumi Nishio – a high ranking Alvis personnel on Tatsumiyajima. Her daughter and son-in-law were also test pilots for the unit. Unfortunately, during its initial start-up test, an accident occurred that cost them their lives. Later on, their children – Rina and Akira Nishio – piloted the Zero Fafner in the movie. As the first ever prototype Fafner, the Assimilation phenomenon it exerts on the pilots is much higher than normal Fafner. As a result, it was unusable until Assimilation blocking tech has progressed significantly.

– The Zero Fafner is a special unit that was only used in emergencies and special occasions. Particularly when the power of Akira’s unit – the Fafner Mark Zehn – wasn’t enough, Rina and Nishio had to pilot the Zero Fafner to increase his power. As a result, Akira was assimilated and crystallized.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Zero Fafner is a gigantic machine – standing up to 100-meter in heights. It is at least over two times the size of a normal Fafner unit. It has the typical Fafner proportions with really long and curvy arms, enlarged chest and an elliptical head. The Fafner body is different from other Fafner units: segmented into two major parts. On its back are large wings and powerful boosters that gives the unit the ability to fly, albeit at lower speed.

– The Zero Fafner is equipped with an array of built-in laser beams and two massive beam cannons in each palm. Each laser is capable of downing a Sphinx-type Festum and the mega beam cannon can cause many times that damage. The unit is also capable to breaking through Festum barriers by synchronizing with its frequencies. This ability seems to be available from Heaven and Earth where Fafner tech has progressed a lot since its creation.

– After the pilots and Fafners on Tatsumiyajima were blessed by the new Core, they awakened to different special abilities – called SDP: Special Dimensional Power. Each pair of pilot and Fafner gained a distinct abilities that if they swap the pair (different pilot in different Fafners), the ability will be weakened significantly. The only special case is the Zero – where it can fully utilize and even amplified any SDP from any pilot. The trade-off is the assimilation effect on Fafner pilots hit much faster and heavier, possibly complete crystallization.

– Later on in Exodus, it was equipped with the Einherjar Module created by Canon – hence greatly amplify its SDP power and reduce the effect of the assimilation phenomenon. It can also be used to amplify the output of its weapons – such as the palm cannon.

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