Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Zwei Kai “Grimreaper” – Soukyuu no Fafner: The Beyond

Once a giver of life, now Kazuki has become a Festum destroying other Festum that lay harm on his loved ones. After passing the Mark Sein to Miwa, Kazuki took one of the old Fafner unit that was upgraded to battle. However, he didn’t get to pilot it for very long. A traitorous Esperanto named Maris took his new Fafner from him, and truly become the “Grimreaper” with the Mark Zwei Kai.

I. History:
– The Fafner Mark Zwei used to be a first generation Nothung-model constructed on Tatsumiya Island along with the Mark Ein. Its original pilot was Karin Kuramae. She used to pilot the Mark Zwei to rescue Soushi during the first Plan L during the events of Right or Left. However, during the Festum’s return in Dead Agressor, Karin lost her life due to an attack in a transport capsule and the Mark Zwei was never used. Its armor was used to repair the Mark Elf after its first battle.

– The Mark Ein never made an appearance in Exodus, but after Canon designed the Einherjar module to amplify a Fafner’s SDP and slow down the assimilation phenomenon, all Fafners on the Island was retrofitted with it, including the Mark Zwei. The unit was then passed onto Kazuki Makabe – the original pilot of the Mark Sein. Kazuki used the unit during the Fifth Operation Azure to take back Soushi Minashiro(II) from Maris’ abduction.

– At the end of the Operation, Kazuki’s current life ran out and he had to return to the Mir to be reborn, the Mark Zwei Kai was left without a pilot. And Maris Excelsior took the chance to steal the Fafner from him. He then became the pilot of the unit himself, gaining new power with the unit. Maris used the Grimreaper to infiltrate Wadatsumijima – the Third Alvis – and caused the deaths of many of its members, most notably Chizuru Toomi.

– During the Sixth Operation Azure, the Mark Zwei Kai descended to the sunken Tatsumiya Island and battled the Mark Nicht and Mark Sein. Eventually Soushi(II) in the Mark Nicht was able to defeat him. The Fafner was damaged but still operable. Later Maris along with Benon retreated after receiving Miwa’s blessing.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Zwei (Zwei is “2” in German) is a first-generation Nothung-model. The Zwei shares the same silhouette with the Mark Ein, Mark Elf, Mark Drei and Mark Sechs. It has a dark blue color scheme at first and then gray-ish black when converting to Grimreaper. The Mark Zwei’s height should be about 40-meter, which is the standard height of Tatsumiya’s Fafner unit.

– The Mark Zwei should have the same fixed armaments as other Island Fafner units, which are the Mine Blade, Razing Cutters and Knuckle Guard. However, due to its only active operation was a rescue operation, it was never seen in combat until The Beyond. The Mark Zwei’s armor was transferred to the Mark Elf – which leads to the Elf having dark blue armor instead of light blue initially.

– When upgraded to the Mark Zwei Kai “Grimreaper”, the unit gains new armor and backpack similar to the other Einherjar units. The chest, shoulder and armor has clear red parts as well as three Einherjar modules equipped on its chest and hips. For weapons, its basic loadout is a Luger Lance – the iconic Tatsumiya Fafner weapon.

– When upgraded with Einherjar and piloted by Kazuki, the Grimreaper’s SDP includes neutralizing any attack by assimilating them and returning them to the Festum World. Kazuki can even assimilate Festum without touching them, including giant types. However, doing so would deplete his current “lifeforce” and force him to “return” to the Mir and be reborn in Kurusu’s ship. While Kazuki is almost invincible on the battlefield, after his lifeforce is spent, the Fafner unit will become de-activated and useless. This also led to it being stolen by Maris.

– While it is used by Maris, Grimreaper’s SDP becomes the ability to “Neutralize”. The Grimreaper was seen neutralizing the shield of the Mir to create a gap for infiltration. It can also neutralizes other Fafner’s SDP by hitting them with an SDP ring. This skill was used to render the Susanoo’s teleportation ability unusable. .

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