Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Sechs – Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

For Tatsumiyajima – and the world in general – Fafners are the only weapons against the Festum threat. However, not any Fafner can do the job of defeating the Festum well. By the 2164, the best Fafner units are the Nothung model – an exclusive type of Fafners only manufactured in Tatsumiya Island. And one of them is the pure white Fafner belong to a courageous girl: the Fafner Mark Sechs.

I. History:
– Mark Sechs is a first-generation Fafner model, manufactured along with Eins, Zwei and Elf. It is one of the few models ready for combat against the Festum. Sechs means Six (VI) in German. The unit has a white color-scheme similar to the Mark Sein.

– After the Neo U.N Force discover the position of Tatsumiyajima, they coerced the Island to give them data about Nothung Models as well as a working prototype, or else they will resort to violence. Commander Makabe had no choice but to offer them the Mark Sechs. However, prior to the handover, the Neo U.N convoy was attacked by a Festum, prompting the Mark Elf’s sortie to rescue them on the Lindwurm.

– While the Mk Elf was away, another Festum appear and attack the Island, Mark Sechs was the only unit capable of sortieing at the time since it was readied to be handed over. Shoko Hazama boarded the unit and engaged in combat with the Festum. After a desperate battle, the Mark Sechs attach itself to the Festum, launched both into high altitude and activated Fenrir, taking both the Fafner and Festum out. The unit was unrecoverable.

– The Mark Sechs’ blueprint was later used to build the Fafner Mark Sechs Amaterasu (XVI) – a Double Ace Nothung-model – piloted by 3rd-generation pilot Sui Kaburagi.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– Being a Nothung model, the Fafner Mark Sechs has better protection against the assimilation phenomenon, so much that even without a dedicated pilot suit, the pilot can still control the Fafner fairly well. After boarding the Fafner – no matter which unit, the pilot will undergo changes in their chromosomes structure and began to “change”. The longer the pilot stay in the Fafner, the closer he/she gets to fully assimilated and turning into crystal. The phenomenon cannot be stopped, only delayed. Like other Fafners, the Mk. Sechs transmit the pain from damaged area to the pilot as well as the Siegfried System.

– The Mark Sechs cockpit is in its chest. Each Fafner’s cockpit block is inserted through the crotch area and moved to the chest after insertion. The ejection mechanism bring the cockpit down the hatch and jettison the whole control block outside the body. The Mark Sechs has large binders and more powerful thrusters than the Mark Elf, which grant it atmospheric flight without the assistance of a flight module. In the case of the Amaterasu, it is a high-speed assault unit capable of extreme manoeuvres.

– For fixed armaments, the Mk. Sechs carries a Durandal handgun – which is similar to a pistol scaled to a Fafner size. However, the weapon did little against large Festum type. Like the Mark Elf, Sechs has the Mine Blade for close combat, which, of course, also isn’t very effective against Sphinx-class and above. The unit also has Razing Cutters on its knuckles – which are basically Harkens from Knightmare Frame. Additionally, the Sechs is equipped with the standard Fenrir system for self-destruct.

– The unit was later repaired and upgraded by Tamotsu Kodate and Hazama Youko into the Mark Sechs Amaterasu.

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