Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Acht- Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

A student council president, a physician, a teacher, but overall, a leader. Kenji Kondou is the person that grew the most throughout of Fafner. His unit is the Fafner Mark Acht – taking command and be the central figure on the battlefield to defend the Island of Tatsumiyajima.

I. History:
– The Fafner Mark Acht (Acht is “Eight” in German) is a first-generation Nothung model, developed by Alvis and Tatsumiyajima Island. The unit has a light green (oliver-ish) color-scheme and share the same basic structure with the Mark Vier, Mark Neun and Mark Zehn with the large shoulder module.

– Kenji Kondou was chosen to be Acht’s pilot, along with Sakura and Mamoru after the Island got attacked by Festum after a long time. The Mark Acht fought to defend the island as well as participated in the first and second Soukyuu Operation. After that, the Mark Acht was kept in the hangar and given more upgrades (with new head and chest) while Kenji operate the Siegfried System to command the Fafner pilots after Soushi and Kazuki left the Island.
– After the situation worsen, Kenji was forced to return to the battlefield in the Mark Acht – which was now upgraded to include new technologies as well as incorporating the Siegfried system. Later on, the Mark Acht was installed with the Einherjar model and gained the ability to “heal” other Fafners.

– After the events of Exodus, the Mark Acht is completely retired, as Kenji also dedicated himself to operating the Seigfried system in The Beyond.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The Fafner Mark Acht stands at around 40 meters (standard size for Fafner). The Mark Acht is a unit focused on ground combat and never seen on the sky. Kenji in the Mark Acht assumed the support position that finish the Festum after the target is damaged. A standard Fafner unit stands at about 40 meter.

– The Mark Acht’s cockpit is situated at the crotch area. The unit also has a single booster at the back. Like most other Fafner, the pilots don’t have to execute control manually by hand, but using thoughts to control the unit through the Nibelung system connected at the pilot’s fingers. Once inserted, the assimilation phenomenon will happen and alter the pilot’s state of consciousness. For Mark Acht, Kenji still keeps his composure even after boarding. His compatibility with the Siegfried system and experience earned him the position of commander of the Island’s Fafner force.

– The Mark Acht’s standard equipment is the Garm-44 rifle/machinegun. The weapon uses conventional bullets as ammo. Occasionally, the Mark Acht can also equip the Medusa – a pair of high powered beam cannons that deal massive damage with each shot. Due to the shoulder design, the Mark Acht can equip the Aegis Shield as well, it was seen equip only one side of its shoulder with the shield during the first Operation Azure. The Mark Acht was also seen using the Luger Lance – the most common weapon for Tatsumiyajima’s Fafner.

– After Heaven and Earth, the Mark Acht was upgraded at Alvis while Kenji operate the Siegfried System. Later on, the Mark Acht was upgraded with a new body with new generation tech, including the Einherjar module. Kenji and the Fafner awakened their special SDP ability: the power to “heal” ally units and reduce their burden by taking on their pain. This put a huge toll on Mark Acht and its pilot.

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