Mecha Profile: Eva-02 Type II – Evangelion ANIMA

The foul-mouthed, feisty and prideful German we are familiar with from the tv series and Rebuild is completely different in ANIMA. After 3 years, she has changed significantly, both physically and mentally. And her Eva unit also reflect this change in her. She and Shinji has become the best partners and Eva pilots of Nerv Japan, and fighting alongside Shinji’s Eva-01 Type-F is the new and improved Eva-02 Type-II.

I. Development History:
– During the battle at Nerv HQ at the old Geofront, Asuka was assaulted ruthlessly by the mass-produced Evas, and her Eva was chosen as the sacrifice for the Instrumentality Project (unlike the tv series where Eva-01 was chosen). Luckily, Shinji has found his resolve and used the Eva-01 to defeat all of the mass-produced Evas and smashed the Tree of Life out of the sky. The Eva-02 was later recovered and rebuilt.

– Just like the Eva-01, Unit Two also mimic its pilot’s growth. In this case, Eva-02 has also grown taller, but also gaining more curves to reflect Asuka’s maturity as well. This development caught Nerv Engineering department off-guard, and they have to develop a new type of restraint armor for Eva-02. Hence the Type-II armor was created.
– The Eva-02 is also a test bed for new technologies aside from Unit One. NERV Engineering department has been working hard and came up with various equipment that fixes the weaknesses of the Eva, such as battery dependence, aerial capability and weapon limitation. The Eva-02 is Nerv Japan’s number 2 with Asuka being the most adept at A.T Field manipulation. Her A.T Field isn’t as powerful as Shinji’s but her precision is way higher than him, as well as her synch rate.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The Eva-02 originally was 80-meter, after 3 years, it has grown a bit higher, closer to 100-meter. The Eva proportion also mimic Asuka’s. During the Nerv HQ assault, Eva-02 lost 2 of its eyes in the battle, and has since then only has two. This reduces the optical capabilities of the unit.

– Unlike the Eva-01 and Eva-0.0 series, Unit Two does not possess an S2 Engine, so it still need external power to work. However, Nerv Japan has found a way to mitigate the limitation of the power cable. Eva-02 can carry the Microwave Rectenna on its back, which resembles a giant cross when deployed. The rectenna can receive maser wave from Nerv’s special transmission maser tower. The microwave can replenish the energy for the Eva so it doesn’t have to rely on the cable anymore. Of course, this method’s limitation is the maser towers need a clear line-of-sight to the rectenna to transmit the wave. And if the output exceed a certain threshold, the rectenna will overload and explode.
– The Evangelion is often depicted with melee weapons such as the Bizen Osafune sword and the Counter Sword. With the underground rail system, Eva-02’s weapon platform can be transported to anywhere in Tokyo-3 where the unit is deployed. One of its most used weapon is the Powered-8 – a railgun that can unleash 12 projectiles in a blink of an eye. The Powered-8 has two modes: automatic and burst mode, which can be effective in penetrating an Angel’s core.

– The Eva-02 can also be attached with the Allegorica unit – which is an experimental attachment that gives the Eva the ability to defy gravity and fly. It resembles a pair of hind legs and wings that make the unit look like a winged centaur.

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