Mecha Profile: AHSMB Black Six – Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

Halfway through a Super Sentai show, we’ll get introduced to the 6th Senshi – the extra warrior to add some flavors to the established squad. And Team Rabbit’s 6th member is exactly that, Ange Kuroki arrives with a shocking entrance that wow the rest of the team in both positive and…not-so-positive ways. What noone can deny is his prowess and abilities when he mow down waves after waves of Wulgaru with his amazing AHSMB: the Black Six.

I. History:
– After the war with the Wulgaru started (you can read about it here), the military has constructed AHSMB units based on Wulgaru technology that princess Teoria provided. Initially, five units were made and assigned to Team Rabbit. But just 5 units weren’t enough, and the Federation decided they need to bolster the ranks. And the Black Six – along with Ange – was sent to Godinion to join Team Rabbit. The team welcome him with open arms, since he seemed like a very well-mannered and polite person. But only on the battlefield that they see the “true” Ange.

– Ange – aside from his androgynous appearance that confuses people – also has a bipolar personality. While not piloting, he is a mild-mannered and reserved person. But when the safety triggers are off, Ange roars through the battlefield screaming and cursing the enemy. Ange’s sudden aggressiveness shocked the whole team, but they soon came to accept him for who he is and “tolerated” his attitude on the battlefield.

– As a multi-role unit, the Black Six can fit in a variety of combat situation, as such, its mission is usually just shoot-and-kill as many enemies as it can. Sometimes being the vanguard, sometimes the rear guard, and sometimes even the clincher of a battle, the Black Six fulfills a variety of combat conditions that other AHSMB cannot cover.

– After the event of the tv series, another Wulgaru threat appeared, and Team Rabbit had to descend to Earth and fight. Black Six also joined the fight and helped set up the final blow to defeat Dioluna. Amongst the members of Team Rabbit, Ange and Black Six is the only pair that never achieve the awakening state.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The AHSMB-006 Black Six is the 6th unit assigned to Team Rabbit. The unit stands 14-meter tall just like the other humanoid AHSMB unit. The Black Six also has a core unit and an armor frame, however, the core unit is much larger than the other AHSMBs and the armor just need to attach onto the core. With the technology and data gained from the five units of Team Rabbit, they have tuned the Black Six so it doesn’t require a full maintenance crew, and Ange is the only one needed to perform maintenance on the unit. It is the most efficient unit in the Team

– The Black Six was made with Wulgaru technology that Teoria supplied, most notably the inclusion of the JURIA System. The system allow the AHSMB to move according to the pilot’s survival instinct. During battle, if the pilot’s instinct is to run, the AHSMB won’t be able to fight and will choose to flee. But if the pilot is determined to fight and survive the battle, then the AHSMB will turn into fierce combat machine with a lot of potential. The stronger the will, the more “fluid” the unit move. If the pilot freeze during battle, the unit will also freeze and may lead to catastrophic results. Ange is a gentle and reserved person while outside of the cockpit, but when he entered the Black Six, he became a raging warrior that the Black Six has never shown any fear in front of the Wulgaru, instead charging into them even more aggressively than any other AHSMBs.

– The Black Six has a cockpit designed to interpret the pilot’s action, with trigger control stick so Ange can aim and fire with his hands inside the cockpit. It can also show him a panoramic view of the battlefield so Ange can cover all of his angles.

– The Black Six is essentially a “balance” multi-role unit that excels in various areas. It is fast and agile like Red Five and Blue One, as well as having extensive firepower that allow it to sweep through the enemy ranks. Such as:

1. Apache Guns: the Black Six is equipped with 2 beam rifles. The weapon is similar to Red Five’s rifle but with a larger size and output. Additionally, two swords are attached to the barrel of the weapon, making it a suitable weapon for close combat as well.

2. Type-91 Multi-Bombardment Unit “Shield Knuckle”: an array of beam weaponry stored on two modules attached to the hip of the unit. Each modules has 4 discharge unit that can unleash a powerful beam blast that can strike down Wulgaru soldiers.

3. High-Powered Beam Cannon: 2 powerful beam railguns mounted on the back of the Black Six, capable of unleashing powerful beam shots that can obliterate lower-class Wulgaru Soldiers.

4. Type-91 Shoulder-mounted Short-Range High Mobility Missile Sidearm: two missile pods mounted on each shoulder.
5. Type-91 Leg-mounted Multi-barreled High-Mobility Guided Missile “Black Fire”: two missile pods mounted on the sides of Black Six’s knees, capable of unleashing many homing missiles.

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