Series Recommendation: Gunpla Builder Beginning G – The First Spark

The Beginning And Forever of Gunpla

When talking about Build series that involves Gunpla model kits, one automatically think of Build Fighters, TRY or Divers. While those series certainly fit the bill, they aren’t the first Build series to be animated. Everything started in 2010 – where Sunrise/Bandai commemorated the 30th anniversary of the first RX-78-2 model kits – with a little 3-ep OVA called “Gunpla Builder Beginning G”.

The series take place in “our world” – basically the normal human world without any space colonies or actual wars going on. Our main character is Haru – a young boy inspired by the RX-78-2 life-sized statue – and decided to take up Gunpla building. After that, he was convinced by his friend to enter into Gunpla Battle with his newly-built Beginning Gundam in hopes of becoming a Gunpla Battle Champion.

+ Plot:  The series is quite uplifting and has a very slice-of-life feeling about it, which makes sense since it’s about the building hobby after all. The series focus on someone whose skills with Gunpla is completely non-existent. It’s a very newbie-focused series with other more experienced builders giving the MC advice from the sideline. The MC’s rival is basically a “pro” builder and battler – presenting a huge wall that he has to cross. However, the series also emphasized on the unlimited potential of Gunpla Building and that it is a very very long journey.

Animation: The animation is very well done. It was made in a time where Sunrise could dedicate a lot of resources to it. The series is entirely hand-drawn with very fluid movements. It also captures some aspect of model-building which is quite realistic. The battles doesn’t include any crazy power-ups or complex special powers, but instead just good-old Mobile Suit combat with beam rifles, cannons and sabers. The simplistic but intense battle really makes the series stand out from the Build line.

Mecha Design: There are 2 prominent design in the OVA: the Beginning Gundam and the Forever. Both the Beginning and Forever has elements from the OG Grandpa, just with more modern looks. The Beginning has the 3 primary Gundam color: Blue, Red and Yellow on a mostly white silhouette. It looks like a fusion between the RX-78-2 and the Victory Gundam with how curvy and slim it looks. The Beginning also has a lot of unique gimmicks unlike any others.

The Forever Gundam is pretty much an RX-782 with 4 giant beam cannons and an extra layer of armor. The suit represent the veteran builders who cherishes where the franchise’s roots are. Its name is like a statement that Grandpa’s design is timeless and will forever be highly regarded by builders of all age and levels.

Music: The series only has an opening, which is pretty okay. Nothing too fantastic, since this is pretty much a promo OVA for Gunpla, but the sound department did a fine job on this one.

+ Conclusion: Beginning G is technically the first animated Build series, with many references to other Gundam series. It shows a fun way to enjoy Gunpla Battle. The building parts need some more focus, but it’s more because of the run-time restraint. All in all, the series is a fun OVA featuring some kick-ass designs and great battles.

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