Series Recommendation: Planet With – True Peace Unlocked

Is it possible to win a conflict without bloodshed?

We have a lot of mecha series about war – and many protagonist are pacifists who just want to end the fighting by fighting as little as possible and try their boss not to take a life. Such idealistic approach to a bloody war is often criticized because it put the character in danger as well as their comrades and loved ones. Now, what if there’s an anime that completely goes against all of that: a series where the protagonist go all out to fight – yet resulting in a bloodless conflict? That sounds kinda impossibru and bullsh*t, but it also sounds quite unique and intriguing. And that series is Planet With.

An anime with a weird name. But the weirdness does not stop there. Everything about the anime is weird…until the very last moment when everything unfolds. Planet With follows a seemingly normal schoolboy who just “happened” to lose his memory and got cared for by a human-sized cat and a maid. Then out of nowhere, alien invaders come, and heroes of light appear to fight them. At that moment, the boy’s destiny is revealed: Defeat the heroes, defeat the invaders, take everything into his hands. Who are the invaders? Why does he have to defeat the heroes? What will he do afterwards?

+ Plot:  The plot is riddled with mysteries. It’s somehow more convoluted and yet clearer than any Obari-sensei’s scripts. We have a sense a direction although the means to reach the ends are all kinds of weird. The big selling point of the story is the “non-violent” theme from the invaders and the “defeat the light” from our main characters, which kinda reverse the whole usual viewpoint that we usually see. The character development is superb, even the antagonists, the side characters, etc… The philosophy of the series is amazing.

Animation: The mecha action is full CGI, but smooth to the touch. The “conflicts” are resolved in a very clever way and the fight scenes are well-done. The effects remind me of Trigger’s Kill-la-Kill but not as lascivious. Although the sound effects are REALLY ear-grating, like they turn up the volume for just those effects by 3 folds.

Mecha Design: By Yasuyoshi Uetsu and Yoshitsune Izuna. Izuna’s design is quite “unique” (you can see it through Diebuster and Gad Guard). The main mecha looks like he can pass as a Buster Machine. Also, the Samurai Ninja Cat theme is also very refreshing. The supporting mechs take inspiration from the 12 Zodiacs, which resembles moving statues. Overall, Planet With’s design has a distinct style amongst modern mecha.

Music: The songs in this series is quite breathtaking and cheerful, one you’d expect in a lighthearted Slice-of-life anime. And there are many moments in the series with the SoL aspect, but it quickly got followed by the more “serious” style, but still, the overall tone is quite uplifting. The OST is quite unique at times. The only downside is the abnormally loud special effect sounds during combat. Impact sound effect is crazy so if you watch the anime on headphones, be careful.

+ Conclusion: Overall, Planet With is a great series with a great story. At first, it can be a bit confusing like Shin Mazinger but as the story progresses, the true story is revealed bit by bit and everything start to be cohesive halfway through, which set up perfectly for the climax. The action is Planet With is above average, nothing too over-the-top but helps as a mean to deliver the character’s feelings and resolve. Although short, Planet With will surely leave an impression for its watchers.

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