Episode Review: Fuuto Tantei ep 6: Fang of Awakening

Finally, one of the most anticipated forms has been in action. Also, we have more information for future mini-bosses as well as Phillip’s “awakening”, as well as coming to the conclusion of this “case”.

Compared to the robust first Cyclone-Joker henshin, Fang-Joker feels quicker, simpler, yet exudes a more powerful vibe than the basic forms. Of course since it was somewhat Double’s “Berserk” brute force form. The action had the same impression and quality. I did expect the action to have more impact than the basic forms, so this one is a bit underwhelming. I guess for Fang Joker, it’s more of a beatdown rather than a serious fight like with Road – showing that Phillip has come to mastered this Memory and his fighting style has matured and differ from Shotaro. Despite the smooth non-brutal fight, still a great performance. Seeing Fang Strizer was amazing!

Kamen Rider Accel, as I anticipated, only had a glimpse of the aftermath of his fight just like in the manga, but it was still was one badass shot. I mean, one big moon shines behind him, and under him are tons of dead enemies, how cool is that? I hope we could see him in real action soon.

The arc about Megu also concluded. I’m not sure how I felt about this arc. I definitely enjoy its moments, but there are something in me that want a more intriguing plot twist, and yet I couldn’t specify what is the missing part. It could maybe because it felt like how an arc in the old Kamen Rider W would play out, and myself probably want more.

Overal, the arc is good. I root for Megu X Maji P. The guy actually protected his partner and had guts to risk his career, even leaving the company that he was so passionate about. Knowing that the Japanese business culture prefers their employees to stick with them until retirement, his action is very bold I say. Hopefully when the story ends, we can see what will happen to him and Megu. But from how things look, it seems they will be just fine.

On the other hand, we have more information about the mini-bosses. They definitely look more intimidated than their senpais in the old live action, and their boss is as dangerous as the previous one. We are guaranteed to have more action, and hopefully they will turn out good. In addition, Phillip’s “awakening” to his emotion will surely stir up some interesting relationship between the main cast now, since this is the first time Shotaro has gotten a lasting partnership with a girl!

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