Series Recommendation: God Bless Dancouga

One more time!

Ever wonder what the Jyusenki-tai were up to after the final battle with the aliens? Well there are two options for you: either the 4-episode Blazing Epilogue OVA or the standalone movie “God Bless Dancouga”. If you prefer some extra well-rounded development for the cast in a short and awesome movie, then God Bless Dancouga is definitely for you. With all the charms and awesomeness of Dancouga’s best bits.

God Bless Dancouga is an 80-minute movie about after the Burning Requiem episode. The main threat of the Zorbados Empire is gone, and the Jyusenki-tai have each pursued different paths. But of course, the world isn’t safe just yet and it needs its protector: the Super Machine God Dancouga. The new trainee pilots for the Cyber Beast Force haven’t matured and the old hands are called back. But things went wrong for the team and now they have to struggle against both the returning threat and their own fellow man.

+ Plot: It’s refreshing to see what each member are up to after the battle, and what they chose to do are both different from what we’ve seen in the tv series yet we can actually see them doing so if their lives haven’t been bogged down by war. Shinobu being a singer, Sara being a fashion designer, Ryo became a military instructor (that’s so Ryo), and Masato taking a break to take care of Laura (a bit awkward but eh). It’s not something Super Robot series usually expand upon, but God Bless Dancouga went a step further and give each member of the Cyber Beast Force some great post-plot development. Each of the members have their own arc in this movie, but each of them are still tied together by the bond of Dancouga, and they supported each other throughout the way.
For the main conflict of story, it involves a lot of handwaving to justify the threat, but to be honest, it’s enough for the movie, since the main point of the movie is delivering some closure and extra development for the CBF. The heroes-turned-criminal-then-liberated isn’t very unique, but still a good challenge for the type of personality the team was. Overall, the story is cool enough to be entertaining.

+ Animation: OVAs and movies usually don’t have the same time and schedule constraints like the tv series, so the movie got some really good animation quality. Furthermore, they brought in Obari-sensei to do some major re-animating, particularly for Dancouga himself. From the blocky and bricky war machine into a curvy, muscular and dynamic Super Robot – the Choujuu Kishin has never looked so physically intimidating. The smoothness of the action is also very good. Although it could also be because the major mecha action aren’t too long.

+ Mecha Design: Well, if you are watching this movie, you should be familiar with the design of this triple changer combiner. But by bringing Masami Obari-sensei into this project full time, the mecha got a makeover just like Dangaioh and Compatible Kaiser. Considering the components of the Dancouga are technically both animals and vehicles, but the animalistic instinct is what makes Dancouga possible, so making it has some organic curves sorta make sense. In addition, the Super Beast Machine God got a spanking new backpack that looks pretty awesome. So overall, the mecha aspect basically got improved.

+ Music: One of the highlight of the movie! As you know, Shinobu became a singer – and Yao Kazuki’s voice aside from screaming the badass “Yatte Yaruze!” is quite enjoyable. He definitely could make it as a singer like Mamoru Miyano. Furthermore, the whole team got together for a band performance – which is pretty rare for Seiyuus to do – especially for Mecha. It is a great sequence and also an amazing song! And we got the nostalgic “Ai wa Kiseki opening” which is great.

+ Conclusion: God Bless Dancouga is an entertaining movie not just because it looks amazing thanks to Obari-sensei’s directing and design, but also has great character development for a post-series movie. You can even say some of them has gotten MORE development compared to the tv series. Overall, if you’re a fan of the Super Beast God, this movie will be a great experience that deliver on all fronts.

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