Episode Review: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War ep 4

I need a raise
Aside from some cameos that might get some attention from hardcore fans (and they definitely looked different from normal NPC, so you definitely notice), this episode felt like episode 3, probably better, but still felt like a waste of time.

We have some information about the Trails world, and that is it. A bit of information told through the explanation of characters, took a few minutes of the episode, then the opening started, and that was it. Some name of place here, some name of place there,…
Maybe what they did in episode 3 should have been used for this episode.

And like episode 3, this episode is another episode for Lavi and Isoria. I mean, I understand that no one like those two guys but can you give us something more about them so that we can like them? Yes the blond guy was done better episode 3 but that was it. Not to mention I felt nothing for the other guy. Give that man something!

The animation? Let’s not talk about it anymore, unless when we have some battles.

Speaking of Lavi and Isoria, I got that they tried to make Lavi not become a cardboard character by having lots of interaction with the one and only person that has vivid characters in this team, Isoria. It was a logical decision, and It is probably the only thing that I could say was not bad about this episode, but can you do it and still advance the plot? Fourth episode already, and the plot is stagnant, even the world building was only done properly in episode 2, which by far the best episode of this series.

At least, it has some decent OSTs. When Lavi used her pistol to try to break Isoria free, the track that was played is good. Also, the seiyuus also did their job. Hopefully, future episodes will be improved, to at least felt like the music was not wasted on this series.

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