Episode Review: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War ep 3

Here comes the killing joke!
Except the joke isn’t what you think it is…
I, first of all, don’t know what to say about this episode. 
I mean, I’m not sure I understand the motivation of the staff when they make this episode.
Here I quote one line from a character in this episode: “What is the purpose of this party” – What is the purpose of this episode? For the character to touch some grass?

Lavi, our baby girl main character, why? Why did they let you become typical cardboard JRPG character. She did not listen to anyone, she did what she want, yes because of that she found out about that clown but she still arrived late, and of course main character aura everything was fine after all, then what was the point for her to ignore her order and went rogue outside? 

The team is also not in a good state. Aside from Iseria and Lavi which I have stated above, the two guys in this episode felt, bland. Probably this episode is not their stage to shine yet, but for an episode like this, I expected to have some kind of “more characteristic” in those characters, and I did not received those here.

The animation, compared to episode 2 as I have said before, felt like they just got staff cut. Still frames, still frames, and still frames. Am I watching anime or power point? Give me some movement frames!! Episode 2 is better than this. What happened?

This episode, this mini arc, is a letdown. Lots of people will drop this show after this episode for sure. I just hope that the later part will be better, cuz I don’t want to waste my time for this.

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