Episode Review: Gundam: Witch from Mercury ep 8: Start Of A Company

After successfully raising capital in episode 7, now Miorine and Suletta are taking the first steps to establish their own company. Of course, starting anything is difficult, let’s see in this episode what Miorine has done to be the foundation for the company’s growth.

First, Miorine must find out what this Gundam curse really is. Hold both Peil and Shinsei’s development team and even have two gundams, Aerial and Pharact. However, it seems that all the information that Miorine has up to now is just the top of the iceberg. About Suletta’s mother, Lady Prospera, this character is more clearly gradually moving towards the development of an unbelievably dangerous character. If I were Miorine, I certainly wouldn’t be able to trust her completely.

About the character Shaddiq, the last of the academy’s big three. In this episode we see, Shaddiq is like a real HR Manager. Whenever there is an opportunity, immediately recruit that person. If Shaddiq confiscated Miorine’s company, maybe the happiest people would be the boys of the earth’s house (because of the compensation, salary and working environment of course, lol) With the current plot, I predict Shaddiq’s arc will end in episode 10 and spend the remaining 2 episodes to finish cour 1. Considering Guel becoming homeless after losing the battle, Elan-4 is dead. Then the ability to quit with a character motif like Shaddiq, he will voluntarily join Miorine’s company or will fight against his adoptive father’s company or in the worst case Shaddiq will execute him to take control of the company.

Besides, through the interaction scene between Shaddiq and Miorine in this episode. I can see the chemistry between these two, if I had a ship, MioMio and Shaddiq might be a good match and leave Guel for Suletta. Personally, I see Shaddiq as a younger version of Naze Turbine, one of the few characters that I like. Hope he and his harem can be developed into a cool character like Naze and his wives. Also Sunrise surely didn’t drop like 5 waifus into the series just like that!

Overall, the first step in running the company seems to be okay, although it looks a bit like a project of a high school club (at least they tried their best). We also get to see how the couple rides in a bike in a mecha genre look like (a bit of a weird situation but at least a little bit romantic). Let’s wait and see in the next episode, what Shaddiq and his Harem with “counter gundam” machines will do.

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