Episode Review: Gundam: Witch from Mercury ep 11: Sprouting Conflict

After many ominous happenings last episode, this one is dedicated to resolve as well as usher in the finale battle of the first cour. We see Suletta and Miorine sorting out their relationship issue (mostly Suletta’s one). We see the terrorist making their way into the colony and about to raise some fresh hell, meanwhile Prospera is pushing ahead with her scheme, which might leave us totally shocked when we find out who she was dealing with.

Let’s get the smaller subplot out of the way, namely Prospera in this ep. Her secretive deal with Delling seems to have something to do with GUND-Format’s data and Gundam, basically everything Delling has been denouncing. Prospera also revealed her true name as Elnora Samaya to us…and Delling as well! That’s definitely a bold move, unless she knows that he knows that she knows etc… The fact that she is ex-Vanadis can be easily uncovered and if Delling actually wanted to exterminate every last bit of Vanadis, then she’s in major trouble but Prospera has shown to be a calculating and manipulative woman since the start of the season, and that she is at least 5 steps ahead of everyone else and has an answer to almost everything. We’ll see how this charade of her will go.

Suletta’s anxiety is through the roof this episode. Luckily, Miomio noticed her fiancée’s weird behavior and confronted her about it. That resulted in a weird and cute space Parkour chase between a walking mushroom and a red-haired tanuki which provides a lot of levity during the emotional uprising between two hormonal teenage girls. This episode is also where Miomio reaffirmed what she think about Suletta, luckily in front of her face so there’s no weird romcom misunderstanding this time. Seeing Miomio getting so emotional like that and talking about how her purpose has changed for Suletta really made an impact, and show that she at least have a warm and loving side instead of just being the President’s cold and calculating daughter all the time. The show has shown us her businesswoman side that really distance her from the normal Earth folks and Suletta, and this episode helped ad another side to her personality which is pretty cool.

But of course, a relationship resolution doesn’t just end with the couple making up and hugging each other, but also an incident that separated the two while they just reunited a few minutes before. The attack from the new Lfrith’s begin and the pair are physically separated after they mentally united. And of course, we know who’s going into battle next ep!

Aside from the main plot, Guel/Bob will definitely contributed something to the next ep, although we don’t think he’s gonna bite the dust, but managing expectation isn’t bad. And Guel can also get the Gaelio’s treatment and return as a Mr Bushido or something next cour. Furthermore, we see Aerial’s new form that Prospera lovingly called her daughter (for the nth time), which definitely remind us of the 00 Raiser/Diver with a more combat-oriented armor. Next episode we’ll finally see the og Gundam going at each other. No doubt Sulletta will come out on top, but the question is, who will fall in the middle?

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